SDG Disrupter Summit: World Ocean Day

#SDGDisrupterSummit: World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day

BridgingTheGap Ventures has partnered with Bermuda Asset Management Group to unite thought leaders, oceanographers, sustainability experts, youth activists, creators and impact investors from around the world for an inspired blue economy experience. 


With a mission rooted in access and inclusion, BridgingTheGap’s programming at SDG Disrupter Summit: World Ocean Day Edition will focus on meaningful discussions and inclusive, intergenerational solutions to protect our waters and marine life for the future of all island nations and generations.


There are 50 free spots for young attendees in Bermuda or able to travel there to participate, alongside other stakeholders, in action-orientated programming exploring important SDG 14-focused topics including ocean biodiversity, renewable energy, coastal resiliency and sustainable practices on June 8 2023.