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Copalana Gift-of-Giving


The Copalana Gift-of-Giving service is the latest addition to the growing social-impact platform, allowing individuals and businesses to purchase gift cards of any amount for their friends, family, employees or business partners. 

The innovative service makes it easy to give, support our society and engage our loved ones to get involved with purposeful projects. In the past, inspiring others to become part of a giving community has not been easy. Donating to charitable organisations in the name of a loved one (e.g. planting a tree) is passive for the recipient, because they are not directly involved in deciding how to make an impact.

Copalana changes the traditional approach by allowing the recipient of the gift card to decide how to donate the money by exploring themes they care about, and projects they wish to support. With a few clicks users can design a gift card and even select their own image to personalize the present. The gift can be automatically delivered via email and sent on a specific date, or printed at home, gift-wrapped and delivered personally. 

The recipients will be delighted to explore themes they care about - such as environment, education and justice - and select non-profits as well as projects they wish to engage with and support. 

Whether it's a personal gift for a birthday, or for a business partner, both the giver as well as the recipient will surely feel good supporting our society and helping address the challenges our planet faces.

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