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Support Garden of Hope Foundation's Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program

About Garden of Hope Foundation

The Foundation works to restore hope to undeserved youth, women and children from urban slums and rural communities in Kenya. Their mission is to create sustainable social and economic opportunities them. Their work is primarily delivered in Kibera, Nairobi.

The Foundation was founded by One Young World Ambassador Victor Odhiambo.

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About the Leadership & Entrepreneurship Program

The project works with both in-school and out of school youth who are passionate about entrepreneurship, and who are in need of skills development and support necessary for the establishment and expansion of viable enterprises.

Additionally, the program seeks to nurture the leadership skills and abilities of young people with the aim of empowering them to become change makers in their communities. We also encourage them to initiate development initiatives in their communities.

Youth who complete the 22 weeks program are able to start social enterprises in their communities responding to one or more sustainable development goals, these youth are also able to secure sustainable employment opportunities and support their needs and those of their families.

The program was started 3 years ago and since then, over 500 youths have graduated from the program. 150 social enterprises have been designed and implemented by these youth and over 300 jobs have been created. 50% of the youth who have successfully graduated from the program have secured sustainable employment.

What the Foundation is looking for:

- Passionate mentors & leadership coaches for program graduates

- Experts who can deliver entrepreneurship classes

- Sponsorship support for students to participate. You can donate directly here.

- Donations of laptops / desktops

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