Support: mental health kits for rural communities

Garden of Compassion


About MentalHealthPH

MentalHealthPH is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating a mentally healthy Philippines. This year, they've created two volumes of Self-Care Kits as part of their October campaign celebrating World Mental Health Month. Its goal is to provide a guide for Filipinos going through mental health issues, and to foster a community of support and encouragement. 

The Self-Care Kits

The first volume of the Self-Care Kit is A Seed Called Courage (66 pages, full color and currently laid out in A5 standard size) which provides worksheets and information to help individuals build and maintain better self-care habits, manage difficult emotions, and identify support systems.

The second volume, "Garden of Compassion"  (75 pages, full color and currently laid out in A5 standard size) provides worksheets on how and when to seek for professional support and how to be a support system to others.

If your organisation is interested in collaborating to produce Self-Care Kits and to continue spreading awareness about mental health to Filipinos. Please do reach out through the Deputy Director for Partnership and Polic Yves Zuñiga: [email protected]

MentalHealthPH would also like the self-care kit to be distributed  to schools, offices, hospitals, and communities. If you or you know someone who can support them achieve this. Please email them on [email protected]


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