Future of Food Production Survey

One Young World is teaming up with WWF-US to help develop understanding of one of the most pressing issues of our time: the production of food and other soft commodities.

The Markets Institute at WWF-US aims to create awareness, build consensus, and document solutions to the issues and trends impacting the production of food and other soft commodities. In order to achieve this they recognise that it is vital to understand the perspectives and aspirations of young leaders around the world, particularly with regard to food. This is why they are looking to the One Young World Ambassador community for answers.

By taking a quick survey you will help WWF-US identify what’s important to you and your generation when it comes to food and other products (clothes, paper, wooden products, etc.), and it will inform the work invaluable work they do in the future. 

Please take the survey to help WWF-US build the future you want to see. 

Take the survey