FutureHere Art+Tech Week for Innovation

If you are interested in art and coding this opportunity is for you. FutureHere invites you to Florence, Italy in summer 2019. 

About FutureHere

FutureHere is the world's first art & tech community, incubator and investment company for artists and coders to reconcile logical and intuitive heuristic differences; re-imagine and collaborate to co-create an inclusive, sustainable future through innovation and disruption. 

FutureHere will create networking opportunities; inter-industry and intra-industry jobs for those who understand and speak both the languages of tech & art; open up new markets in product development; generate tourism and boost the economy of any city or government that co-champions our vision.

About the opportunity

Art & Tech worlds both share a barrier to entry and extents of opacity. FutureHere holds worldwide access to decision-makers and changemakers in both industries and would like to level the playing field for new entrants and next-gen leaders. They have a curated community in excess of 10,000 tripartite art & tech champions worldwide. 

FutureHere will be conducting a pilot incubation program with artists and coders in Florence in summer 2019. 

What can you expect? 

  • 13 weeks FutureHere art + tech incubation programme (optional 1 week in Florence)
  • All-access pass to FutureHere art + tech week programs and privileges 
  • Guided tours in Florence with artists, entrepreneurs and academics

When and Where? 

June 2019 in Florence, Italy. Venue and Dates TBC. 

Deadline for registration  

3 March 2019

Announcement of shortlisted candidates 

30 March 2019

For queries, please contact: [email protected]