Global Scribes: Youth Uniting Nations®

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If you have a game-changing idea and dream of leading a team of enthusiastic peers from around the world, this opportunity is for you.

Leveraging innovative technology for positive youth impact, our Scribers develop enlightened respect for humanity and its diversity while discovering their own talents and passions. Our ‘For Youth, By Youth' platform, Scribers WorldTM – The Creative Hub for Global Youth – augments formal education and spurs meaningful communication to Create. Connect. Collaborate.

  • Create. Each month, our Scribers post prose, poetry, lyrics or narratives motivated by a Spark Word. Scribers bring their stories to life in their own ‘selfie’ video and share short films that capture their daily lives and passions with the Global Scribes community across 45+ countries. Together, they look beyond borders to discover their similarities and differences.
  • Connect. Scribers from around the world engage in live conversations, discuss youth-led topics, share personal anecdotes and announcements through global chats and weekly video calls. They ‘laugh and cry together’ providing a social safety net for one another.
  • Collaborate. Scribers join GS Teams and create projects and activities that explore art, food, film, science, nature, fashion, tech, and so much more. Together, they connect to peers across the globe, discover common interests and develop real world solutions.

1. Become a GS Team Leader:

Do you have a game-changing idea? Looking to develop an App, run a podcast, produce a short film, design your own clothing line, publish a book, teach a language or explore the world of AI and robotics? Dream of leading a team of enthusiastic peers from around the world?

You’ve come to the right place. Only your imagination sets the limits!

GS Team Leader Requirements:

  • You must be between 15 – 25 years old;

  • Have an Internet connection and a basic level of English;

  • Be curious about the topic of your chosen GS Team (see teams here). Not an expert yet? No worries, this is your chance to become one! We believe there is no failure, except ‘not trying’. You are offered the opportunity to experiment, discover and learn with global peers. The question is: are you ready to take the leap?

  • Exhibit enthusiastic leadership, i.e. community engagement; embracing diversity and encouraging inclusion; compassionate and understanding listener and communicator.

GS Team Leader Benefits:

  • To be part of a growing community of global peers across 45 countries and counting;
  • To be free to pursue your interests, discover new ones, delve into your skills and pick up new talents you didn’t know you had in you in a non-discriminatory peer-to-peer learning environment;
  • To experiment and pioneer new ideas, launch innovative initiatives, and amplify your voice and impact in a safe space, where mistakes are encouraged and part of the learning process;
  • To increase your cultural awareness and broaden a powerful network of global youth connecting and cooperating across borders.

How to sign up as GS Leader:

  • Do you know another Scriber? Ask him/her to recommend you to us!
  • Are you reaching out individually? Send us an email on [email protected] telling us why you want to join, and we will set up a video call right away to get you started in Global Scribes!

2. Global Scribes is scaling with Scribers WorldTM

Scribers WorldTM – The Creative Hub for Global Youth – is a cyber secure platform that automates our programs and adds additional, innovative features that will expand our reach and increase our impact. 

Scribers WorldTM will allow us to:

  • Meet the demand of our youth 
  • Streamline and improve operational efficiency
  • Create data-driven solutions
  • Foster peer-to-peer learning 

Scribers WorldTM includes:

  • Anti-bullying and child protection mechanisms
  • Mentorship and buddy programs
  • Community bulletin boards and job boards
  • AI for accessibility
  • Honour levels, award and reward mechanisms
  • Translation services and English tutor programs
  • Personal portfolio of stories, artwork and team contributions

3. How to support:

Funding and partnership opportunities.

We create bespoke fundraising and partnership packages for individuals, corporations and foundations. Global Scribes, a registered 501(c)3, accepts wire-transfers, PayPal, checks and credit card.

Help us grow.

With an unrestricted donation, you invest in Global Scribes to develop new programs for positive youth development, build our team's capacity, and position us to scale with Scribers WorldTM to reach new heights and increase our impact worldwide.

Donate securely via PayPal or Credit Card on our website.
We accept monthly donations via Giving Loop.

Please reach out to Stine Philipsen, Associate Global Director, for more information: [email protected] or [email protected]