Global Intrapreneur Week

Global Intrapreneur Week

Global Intrapreneur Week October 10-14 2022

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be partnering with The League of Intrapreneurs for Global Intrapreneur Week, commencing October 10-14 2022. The theme is A Moment for Courage, exploring: what is the most courageous thing we can do in this moment and how can we support each other to act from the heart?


What to expect

GIW2022 is a week long event and a space to expand your horizons, deepen your leadership capacity and connect with fellow intrapreneurs in unlikely places. For the first time ever, intrapreneurs from organizations worldwide will be able to join online at events covering all time-zones, and in-person, at numerous events in locations around the globe.



From CEOs to Shamans, Inventors to Storytellers, you’ll connect with unlikely allies who share your vision for a better world.

  • Tanja Faller, Managing Director, Energy for Central America, at GIZ | LinkedIn
  • Ulrich Hörning, Deputy Mayor for General Services at Government of Leipzig | LinkedIn
  • Maysoun Douas Maadi, City council member at Madrid City Council | LinkedIn
  • Katherine Leong, Specialist Advisor, Affordable and Disability Housing at Homes Victoria | LinkedIn


For tickets select the 'standard ticket' and use the following code at the checkout for a 20% discount: COM20GIW

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