Hackathon to support Afghanistan: 9-12 June


Garage48 and Startupistan, together with the support of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Development Cooperation, have gotten together to search for ideas that will help Afghanistan during & after the COVID- 19 crisis.

June 9 - 12, 2020

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The challenge

Afghanistan has lived through decades of war and is bracing another deadly challenge, threatening the lives of millions. In a country, where community relations are strong, the authorities are struggling with forcing people to self-isolate. Also, not many can afford to stay at home for weeks, people need to keep on working, in order to provide the necessary food items for their families. The fragile healthcare system is even under bigger pressure than it was before the pandemic, struggling with the shortage of masks, hand-sanitizers, and ventilators. Online home-schooling is not really a solution in a country, where mobile data is a luxury to have, not to even mention computers or laptops.

The hack

From 9- 12th of June, they will host an online hackathon dedicated specifically to the challenges that Afghanistan is facing in the COVID-19 crisis 
It is prime time to design, test and launch innovative ideas that will either tackle the crisis or position Afghanistan in a softer place in the aftermath of the crisis.

How it works:

1) Think of an idea, that you would like to solve at the hackathon, put together a team or apply solo

2) The minimum number of participants in the team is one. The maximum number of the team members is ten. While we let you sign up with your idea as an individual participant, once your idea gets chosen, you have to put together a team before being able to compete at the hackathon.

3) Each team should ideally consist of: an idea owner who will take the role of the team lead (coordinating, project management) developer, designers (UX/UI), an engineer or a field expert (if an idea execution requires it, optional)

4) Registration is absolutely free! Come submit your idea and get a chance to develop it further with top-notch the mentors from Afghanistan, Estonia, Germany and beyond.


There will be monetary prizes for the top 3 teams of the hackathon.  

Top teams will also receive follow-up online coaching sessions to bring the hackathon ideas to life and bring it to the market.

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Deadline to register: 31 May, 11pm Kabul time 

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Contact: Mozamel Aman, [email protected]