The Hague Legacy initiative: Vlog tips & tricks

Making your vlog

1. Choose your topic. Pick one of the 30 UDHR articles and link it to the relevant SDGs. Please click here for an overview of these linkages made by the Danish Institute for Human Rights.

2. Make a human rights assessment. Find out how your community or country is doing with regard to your topic.

3. Commit yourself. This can be done either by spreading good news or by stating what goes wrong and how you could help to improve the human rights situation

Making a script:

1. Keep in mind that the vlog should be between 2 to 4 minutes.

2. Focus on the core message. It is the one thing you want people to remember after seeing your vlog.

3. Preparation is key. Translate the core message into a script with the things you want to show. 

4. Human rights vlogging is about engagementTry to end your vlog with a compelling question, statement or call to action that urges the viewer to act, reflect or change her/his behavior.

5. Be concrete and personalvisualize this in your vlog. Show, don’t tell.

Shooting a vlog:

1. Decent hardware is good, but good content is better. You can use a digital camera, but a smartphone camera works well. If you have a tripod and an external microphone, use the.

2. When you use your phone, always hold it horizontally, never vertically.

3. Lighting. Always take advantage of natural light and make sure that light source is not behind you - the light should be shining on you.

4. Keep your phone or camera smooth and steady, avoid involuntary movements.

5. Shots’ length should be at least 10 seconds. This seems long, but it makes editing much easier.

6. You can never shoot too much. You can always decide not to use some parts.

7. There is a lot of free editing software you can use to edit your vlog (e.g. “OpenShot Video Editor” or “iMovie”). You can even download an edit app on your phone.

8. Uploading. When you’re ready to submit your vlog, click here to visit our website and follow the instructions to upload it. Please do upload your vlog before the 4th of October 2018.

To keep in mind:

  • Getting inspired by others or using external information sources is great. But always make sure you quote correctly and acknowledge the sources.
  • Human rights are a sensitive topic. Disclosing human rights information or sharing opinions can put you or anyone else in front of or behind the camera at risk. And online posts, never disappear, even when deleted. Therefore, before posting or publishing anything, think twice about the consequences. Personal safety and security always come first.
  • Be transparent. Ask permission from the persons you’re filming. Be honest about the content and the goal of your vlog and where it will be posted.
  • Be professional. As an OYW Summit attendee, make sure that the way you deal with people in making your video as well as the content you produce, is consistent with professional and ethical standards.
  • Use the right hashtags. When it comes to promoting your vlog on social media, make sure to use tactical hashtags, like #BringingHumanRightshome, #OYWTheHague2Legacy2018 and #OYW2018.