The Hague Youth Declaration on Human Rights in Action

Over the past few months the teams at CordAid and Kompass have worked hard to build a legacy project, The Hague Youth Declaration on Human Rights in Action, that will live well beyond the Summit in The Hague. 

Thanks to the personal stories and contributions the Legacy Team received, they have a declaration that sets out an action plan for what our current and future generations must strive for. You can read more about the mission and vision here.

This Declaration below will be presented at the Peace Palace and at the UN at the Palais de Nations in Geneva on the 9th of December.

We are honoured to have presented the Declaration at the Closing Ceremony held at Circustheatre on Saturday 20 October.

40 personal human rights commitments to make this world a better place

20 October 2018, The Hague



1) We the young people and citizens of the world, gathered at One Young World 2018, to commemorate and celebrate the 70th birthday of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) present this declaration as the legacy of the One Young World summit in The Hague, the City of Peace and Justice.

2) This declaration embodies the commitment of a new generation to bring “human rights home” and translate universal human rights law into meaningful, tangible and lasting action on the national and local levels.  

3) We the young people and citizens of the world constitute more than half of the world’s population and thus are inevitable in our growing significance. We commit to utilize and harness the potential of young people to enact and drive innovation in the age of technological advancement.  

4) We underline the universality of human rights as embodied in the UDHR. We renew the commitment of a new generation to respect, protect and fulfil human rights always and everywhere and underscore in this context the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security.  

5) We the young people and citizens of the world commit to ensure universal accessibility and inclusion of all young people; to take care of the planet and leave no one behind.  

6) We the young people have tremendous creative potential. We are open and committed to learn from each other, between and across generations and value the importance of lifelong learning throughout. We commit to carefully preserve what has been developed by the previous generations and passionately build upon it for the generations to come.

7) We the young people and citizens of the world acknowledge the privilege of the delegates present at One Young World, and the necessity to listen to and represent the voices of others. We commit ourselves to this declaration, and will actively promote others not present to join.

8) This declaration inspires a first set of committed and targeted actions by us the young people and citizens of the world. We nurture, value and empower youth as a continuous variable of society.

A) Commitments on Civil and Political Rights

1) We collect and share crime statistics in our communities in order to engage our local governments in ending the culture of violence and impunity, and we will also participate in crime prevention activities in our communities. These statistics will by no means support racial profiling.

2) We will create unbiased community watches to check and report to authorities on instances of forced labour, especially involving minors #ringthebell  

3) We will report and share stories of torture of prisoners to the outside world #dontforget

4) We will reach out to directors of prisons and police commissioners in order to plea for setting up independent integrity committees and complaint mechanisms in their organizations

5) We commit to be not corrupt in our current and future jobs, and we will stand up against corruption and misuse of power in our direct environment #nobribes  

6) We commit to do business in an environmentally sustainable manner, and promote progressive Corporate Social Responsibility policies within our organizations

7) We will be very cautious in the sharing of private information through social media, and we will create awareness in our direct environment about the importance of online safety

8) We will do everything in our power to make sure that our employers are not collecting and sharing confidential, including medical, data without the explicit consent of the person involved

9) We will advocate private sponsored refugees, mobilizing resources from our companies and networks, or advocating legal changes  

10) We will engage the silent majority in advocating that governments avoid sending back refugees to unsafe countries. #itswaroutthere

11) We will create a web-tool in order to link undocumented migrants and stateless people who want to go back to their native to countries, to local NGOs in order to provide help in getting official documents.  

12) We will accompany stateless people to consulates and embassies in order to get the papers they need, when this is safe

13) We will start a crowdfunding campaign for women who cannot escape marriage and/or sexual abuse because of lack of resources #lockedup

14) We will raise the awareness of adolescents and young people on national and international law on marriage (and divorce) through promotional material, social media, and other resources #lockedup

15) We will commit to educate ourselves on the investments of our employers, with a focus on potential human rights violations  

16) We will create a platform for activists who experience a shrinking civil society space in order for them to advocate anonymously without any danger of unjust prosecution and share their stories  

17) We will train young people about politics and how to get involved and run for office

18) We will stimulate voter registration and voter turn-out among young people #righttovote

B) Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

19) We will sensitize medical personnel in our countries to grant access to healthcare for every individual irrespective of their identity or sexual orientation

20) We will take responsibility of the well-being and health of our (future) employees in accordance with the right to rest, leisure, a safe and clean working environment

21) We will involve our employers in providing technological means or financial resources in order to increase access to food, water, sanitation and hygiene

22) We will create a digital exhibition of oppressed minorities and cultures that tend to disappear, including music, clothing and cooking, in order to raise awareness #powerthepeople

23) We will advocate that our organizations implement practices that contribute to sustainable development and the improved lives of future generations

C) Marginalized Groups

24) We will ask our employers to commit to a safe workplace for LGBTIQ+ personnel

25) We will call out through our (social) media channels the companies, non-governmental organizations and local and national governments that discriminate against marginalized groups #jobs4all  

26) We will commit to standing up for people who face discrimination at work or in the recruiting process within our companies, non-governmental organizations and government agencies 27) We will stand in solidarity with LGBTIQ+ groups and form gay-straight alliances  

27) We will stand up to people using homophobic, sexist and racial slurs in sports #offside

28) We will share via social media pictures of inaccessible public and private buildings in order to stimulate the enforcement of national laws on disability rights #notwelcome

29) We will become language buddies to refugees in our societies, actively dedicating time to language education

30) We source human capital and financial resources to provide for the integration of refugees in our local communities on a needs basis

31) We promote inclusive company policies to wear religious symbols

32) We will create networks of young women within companies and governments in order to support female empowerment and create gender equality #metoo

33) We will provide public places like museums and parks with signs, tools and infrastructure to make these better accessible for people with mental and physical disabilities, including the visually and hearing impaired

D) Education

34) We will volunteer in our communities to educate primary school students about human rights, including relevant regional treaties

35) We will call out - using social media - misuse of funds, inefficient public-school spending and lack of education, in order to increase the quality of education #education4all

36) We will help public-schools raise their quality standards, human rights education and decrease drop-outs, by making national and international materials and best practices more accessible to them

37) We will break gender-stereotypes in education. We will raise our children, daughters especially, with a special emphasis on science, technology and maths

E) Gender equality and special responsibilities of men 

38) We vow to educate our fellow men and sons to treat women with respect and to break patriarchal patterns in our societies, since these men have a crucial role to fulfil in reaching gender equality #menengage

39) We will all join the UN campaign against sexual and gender-based violence and ensure male participation in it #16daysofactivism


1) We the young people of the world call upon all citizens of the world to embrace and support this declaration.

2) We call upon our respective governments to support us in our commitments by maintaining and enlarging the space necessary to create an enabling environment in which  human rights are the cornerstone towards a more peaceful, just, inclusive, society and a resilient and sustainable future.

3) We call upon our respective governments to enable full participation of the youth populations in their political and civic life.  

4) We the young people commit to sowing the seeds of this declaration so that we can harvest the future together. We can change the world, together as one.

This declaration is a Cordaid, Kompass and One Young World initiated process.