Have your say: UK G7 & G20 Youth Consultation

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Every year, a group of young leaders represent the United Kingdom at the G7 and G20 Youth Summits, also known as the Y7 and Y20. 

"The 2020 Y7 and Y20 delegations will develop, negotiate and present two communiques comprising policy proposals to the G7 and G20 leaders, providing two very valuable opportunities to influence the decision-making of those sitting at the highest levels of power. The Y7 and Y20 delegations are urgently seeking the views of young people in the UK via this 10-minute survey, which the delegations will present to G7 and G20 leaders to ensure they consider the impacts of their decisions on young people.

This survey covers not only Covid-19, but also covers education, jobs, the environment, globalisation, trade, peace and security - all of which are also affected by the current crisis. It only takes between 10 - 20 minutes for you to have your say, depending on how many themes you wish to answer. So complete the survey link and tell us what you want.

The Y7 and Y20 will read every survey response individually and will use the results of this survey to inform the G7 and G20 leaders of the priorities for young people in the UK, and ensure they take these views into account when making decisions at G7 and G20 summits.

We'd also encourage you to share this survey with all your friends, peers and colleagues to ensure we receive as many diverse and representative views of young people across the UK."

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Connect with the Y7 & Y20 delegations

Y7: Twitter, Instagram, Email

Y20: Twitter, Instagram, Email

OYW Ambassadors representing the UK:

Virginia Stuart-Taylor. Head Delegate, Y7

Fatima Zaman. Head Delegate, Y20

Lola Olaore. Delegate, Y20