HeroSheema: a platform for women to share their art and stories

HeroSheema is a platform for women all over the world to share their art and their stories


Founded by Shima Katouzian, an Iranian humanitarian worker and entrepreneur living in the US, HeroSheema was designed as a platform for women all over the world to express their stories and feelings by painting, drawing and writing.

Submitted art is used to create fashion pieces to be sold online. Customers for these products will receive an accompanying one page story of the product's designed. For example, Kelly from Michigan received a scarf designed from Zahra's art in Iran. Zahra is a rural girl weaving carpets with her mother, being forced to marry a man she does not love. Zahra expressed her feelings with a painting and submitted it to HeroSheema.com. The team designed a scarf from her art. Today, Kelly wears that scarf knowing there is a girl living on the other side of the word, dealing with problems Kelly previously wasn't aware of. The site connects women through art and fashion. 

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HeroSheema are receptive to any sort of art or story which is an honest expression of your feelings. Submitted content will then be reviewed in order to ensure it is appropriate for the audience before being made public on the website.