Host City 2014: Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin exerts influence like no other small capital city in the world. With more than 40% of the population under the age of 30, Dublin is a city teeming with youth, overflowing with energy and brimming with creativity.

It is a truly unique capital that’s steeped in tradition yet young at heart. In the historic, compact city centre there is lots to do and see and delegates will love the rich selection of galleries, museums, restaurants, pubs and shops. World-renowned for their warm welcome and genuine sense of fun, the Irish people’s enviable passion for life promises to entice and engage delegates and Ambassadors from around the globe.

The Irish Perspective 

Over the course of the past 17 years the island of Ireland has seen the introduction and cementing of a successful peace process. The sectarian and political conflict on the island, mostly concentrated within Northern Ireland, has been largely replaced by cross party engagement and interfaith dialogue. The story of how young people have grown up in a post-conflict North is compelling and of global interest and has many lessons for One Young World delegates from around the world.

In more recent years, Ireland has experienced, along with the rest of Europe, an economic downturn. From a difficult few years the young population of Dublin have proven that they are tenacious. Evidence of their positivity and dedication to the rejuvenation of the city is seen through the burst of entrepreneurial spirit with new creative and innovative businesses springing up everywhere. They’re taking charge of their own future and driving change forward.

City of 1000 Welcomes

The main Summit sessions will be held in the Convention Centre Dublin with Breakout Sessions hosted in more than 30 different venues across the city. The Summit promises to give delegates a real introduction to the Irish way of life and its legendary welcoming reputation through a series of cultural events held in iconic locations.

Dublin will welcome One Young World delegates with a ‘One Thousand Welcomes’ tour. Each delegate will be introduced to a young Dubliner and together they will take a local’s tour of Dublin. They will see the real sights and sounds of the city, not just the ones from tourist maps, but the authentic fabric of Irish life. Visiting delegates will leave Dublin inspired by our vision and motivated to deliver change in their own organisations, communities and cities. 

Dublin Facts

  • Dublin accounts for 40% of Ireland’s GDP
  • Dublin has 47% of all Foreign Direct Investment Projects in Ireland
  • 50% of Dublin’s population are under the age of 36, the youngest capital city in Europe
  • 25% of Nobel Laureates for literature written in English were awarded to writers from Dublin
  • Some of the biggest multinational companies are located in Dublin including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AOL, eBay, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo.

2014 Bid Committee

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From left to right, Valerie McGrane, Bob Coggins and Clara Keheller; the Bid Committee members that successfully brought the One Young World Summit 2014 to Dublin.

Dublin Bid Committee receive Lord Mayor’s Award

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