Virtual Summit: 'Stories of Change'

Join the Virtual Summit: 'Stories of Change', founded by One Young World Ambassador Hans Balmaekers, is for those who get excited by imagining a better world, by change, by big ideas. For those who don’t understand impossible, don’t want to go slow, don’t accept the status quo. For those who believe business can be a force for good, and want to lead the change from the bottom up.

What is the Virtual Summit?

From 7 to 11 November 2017, will host a free virtual summit 'Stories of Change', where 30+ leaders and innovators will speak about their journey from idea to impact​. 

Who will be speaking?

Speakers include:

  • One Young World Ambassadors Tim Heard and David Spears, Cultural Transformation  / Insights Analyst at Barclays
  • Myriam Sidibe, Hygiene & Nutrition Social Mission Director at Unilever
  • Markus Strangmüller, VP of Sustainability – Business to Society at Siemens
  • Emmanuel de Lutzel, Vice President Social Business at BNP Paribas
  • Elaine Weidman, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability at Ericsson
  • Tim Nixon, Head Sustainability Thought Leadership at ‎Thomson Reuters

Why attend?

By attending the Virtual Summit 'Stories of Change', you will learn:

  • How to formulate an idea that will get listened to by the right people
  • Who to pitch your idea to and what to say
  • What to do when you get a “no” 
  • How to navigate the “mucky middle” of making an idea happen when it feels like for every step forward, you take five steps back


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