Internal Breakouts

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1. Activism: beyond the hashtag

CCTV news anchor James Chau and Principal of the Podesta Group Barry Featherman take delegates through the differences in media freedoms around the world. Through interactive exercises and personal stories, James and Barry will explain to the delegates how they can use traditional and social media effectively to maximize the impact of youth activism.

2. Banking on Change, A changing bank for a changing world

One Young World offers a great platform for gaining awareness on several global social issues and highlighting positive solutions and initiatives. This workshop provides the opportunity to learn about how innovation affects social change, and how you can use the inspiration from the summit to develop your own ideas and get inspired through innovation.

3. Collaborative Approaches to Address Global Road Safety

"In this workshop, delegates will come together to brainstorm innovative solutions to the global challenge of road safety, the leading cause of death among 10-29 year olds globally, and explore opportunities for collaborative action."

4. Create, Share & Be Heard with Sky News

"A team of journalists from the UK’s leading news organisation, Sky News, will give an interactive master-class on how to combine TV, digital and social platforms to make a difference. They’ll demonstrate how Sky’s digital campaign to amplify young people’s voices - ‘Stand Up Be Counted’ – has helped connect disengaged young people to the wider political debate."

5. ‘From Idea to Entrepreneur’ with Doug Richard

Serial entrepreneur Doug Richard shares his insights on turning ideas into business opportunities and what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

6. International collaboration from an orbital perspective

Ron Garan, who lived and worked in space for 178 days, is a highly decorated Fighter Pilot and Test Pilot, Explorer, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian who believes that appropriately designed and targeted social enterprise can solve many of the problems facing our world. Using his unique experience of collaboration with Russian cosmonauts in the International Space Station, Ron will share with the delegates how they can use the connections they make at the Summit to make meaningful social impact.

7. Intrapreneurship in Action – How Can Millennials Drive Big Business to Be More?

The forum to discuss how to Be More intrapreneurial in the corporate world. Brought to you by Telefónica, we’ll facilitate a digitally-led, highly interactive session with high-profile guest panellists from start-ups and multinationals.

8. Lean In Circles.

Lean In Circles are small groups who meet regularly to learn and grow together. Join Alex Swanepoel, a Lean In Campus Leader at the University of Cape Town, to learn more about how to start or join a Lean In Circle near you.

9. Networking is Essential, not an Add-On – hear Why, from Counsellor Carole Stone & Ambassador James Eder

Join Counsellor Carole Stone & Ambassador James Eder in this session and you will get to hear first hand accounts of networking: two very different perspectives with a similar theme. The session will also include tips and tricks - the do’s and don’ts – of putting the learning into action, as well as practising those simple questions to get the answers you need to network your way to success.

10. Social Business Hands-on Workshop

"The Social Business Workshop delivered by The Grameen Creative Lab and Yunus&Youth, invites OYW 2014 delegates to a hands-on, fast-paced learning experience within the social business field. Beyond being exposed to the theoretical background of social business, participants embark on a journey of exploring six real social business projects (one per continent) currently implemented."

11. Speed networking extra sessions

At the One Young World Summit delegates have the chance to meet with inspiring young people from more than 190 countries and almost every sector. Chance meetings at past Summits have led to impactful initiatives, business opportunities and lasting friendships. At the 2014 Summit serial entrepreneur, master networker and One Young World Ambassador James Eder will lead delegates in series of networking sessions designed to spark these powerful connections between delegates.

12. Sustainable Practice - Engaging Young in Business

The session is an opportunity for delegates to participate in youth-led moderated workshop on how companies and organisations can successfully engage younger employees in delivering innovation and sustainability objectives.

13. The Key is "E"

Join Paul Lindley, Founder and CEO of Ella’s Kitchen and Co-Founder of The Key is E, to examine how leadership, creativity and a drive for using entrepreneurship to drive social change can create huge financial and social impact in the world.  This time last year, as One Young World counsellors, Paul and Emmanuel Jal, the South Sudanese ex child soldier, humanitarian and hip hop artist, conceived of the idea of using their experiences, skills and influences to create their social business the Key is E.  It launched last month, born from pure One Young World inspiration.  Be a part of its growth story and hear how it is enticing, engaging and empowering a Pan African spirit to harness social change through entertainment, education and entrepreneurship.

14. We Called him ‘Madiba’ (a journey with Nelson Mandela)

Documentary Photographer, Matthew Willman shares his 10 years as a commissioned photographer to the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The lessons, inferences and legacy of this great man of Africa.