Join The Global Hack: Fighting a global crisis

hack the crisis



The Global Hack is a global initiative which unites the Hack the Crisis movement and the 40+ hackathons put up in the frames of this movement. The core initiative comes from the team who organised the very first hackathon just in 6 hours on 13-15 of March in Estonia and are passionate about solving the huge ongoing crisis that concerns everyone at the moment (the people are from Garage48, Accelerate Estonia, Guaana). BUT this is truly a global effort and movement involving communities and organizers from all over the world.

This crisis is far from over. The need to begin addressing the problems that we’ll face as a global society, once we can venture out from our homes again, is now. How will we deal with the expected massive changes to our economy, workplaces, healthcare, and environment as we find our world order transformed—perhaps, beyond recognition?

The Hack: 9-12 April

On 9-12 April, 2020 we’re putting on The Global Hack to imagine the possibilities and create solutions to meet the needs of our changed world. Our goal is to bring together world class mentors and globally-talented teams to build solutions for better tomorrows.

We’re looking for brilliant people from every corner of the globe to participate in The Global Hack. We find ourselves in a unique situation, and are literally all in this together—the entire world is looking for solutions to the same problems at the same time.

The prize pool for winning ideas is 120 000€. 


The 12 tracks are inspired by the UN sustainability goals that cover the majority of our future challenges. These are the areas most likely to see the biggest challenges.

Tracks are mentored by experts in their respective fields.

How to take part:

Share ideas: Idea submission is now open! Join our Slack community to post and discuss ideas, get feedback, find teammates and get inspired.

Register team:  Once you’ve found an attractive idea, assemble a team of 4-12 dedicated people with the necessary skills. The team leader must now officially register in Devpost

Hack of our lives: Your team will be assigned a Slack channel on April 9 to be assisted via. Log on and hack away! These extremely intense hours may change the world!