Join the South American Business Forum (SABF)

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What is the SABF and when will it take place?
The South American Business Forum (SABF) is a non-profit organization created in 2004 by students from the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA). Since then, it aims to generate a space of dialogue and exchange between current and future leaders through the organizing of an annual Forum where 100 students from all over the world attend together with 40 current leaders from academic, social, political and business backgrounds.

The 2018 edition of the SABF will take place from August 3rd to August 5th in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What will be discussed at this year's SABF?
Every year, a different topic is put forward in relation to the issues that South America faces. To be selected, students must submit an essay on any of the proposed subtopics expressing their opinion, innovative ideas and ways to act on these issues. In addition, around 40 leaders who are considered appropriate according to the topic are invited in the hope that they will have a positive impact on the participants, showing them the way to assume their protagonistic role in the change that is expected.

In 2018, the main topic will be 'The Power Paradox'. In the times we live in, it seems that we are facing ever more challenging decisions that embody ever higher risks. Moreover, these decisions seem to affect a growing number of different spheres in our society. This is the reason why we need to question the way in which things will ultimately develop. From the systems through which we give up our decision-making power to the people who will have the final say in the bigger picture, and the technologies that will make all this possible. How can we be a relevant influence in this excitingly complex process?

The sub-themes for 2018 will be 'In Sync with Technology,' 'Systems Facing Obsolescence' and 'Leading through Uncertainty.'

What is the objective of the SABF?
The objective of the Forum is to debate topics of global relevance, exchange opinions and experiences, and generate connections between the different actors that will contribute to the sustainable development of South America and the world.

Are there any eligibility criteria?

  • Being born after January 1st, 1992.
  • Be a regular undergraduate or graduate student, or have graduated in 2017 or 2018.

What does it cost to attend?
The SABF’s organizational model allows it to generate its own financial sources, obtained through the sponsorship of private companies and institutions. To this they may add the institutional support provided by the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires and other NGOs that share its goals and values. The 100 student participants are awarded a scholarship covering all their expenses throughout the three days of the conference.

How can I apply?

  • Register at
  • Complete the form
  • Write the essay
  • Wait for the results!

The deadline to submit your application is April 30th 2018.