Join the world's largest virtual Iftar: #MyOpenIftar

The UK's largest community event during Ramadan goes virtual.

About #MyOpenIftar

Ramadan Tent Project, a non-profit organisation founded in 2013 with a mission of bringing communities together to better understand each other, and the organisers of the UK’s largest community event in Ramadan, Open Iftar, now launches #MyOpenIftar.

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic likely to continue and peak in the UK during the month of Ramadan, Ramadan Tent Project have turned to innovative means to unite thousands of people whilst bringing the Open Iftar experience to people’s doorsteps.

#MyOpenIftar is an opportunity for millions of people to celebrate and share the Ramadan spirit who will be observing from their homes, during an unprecedented time of physical distancing. Each person who signs up will receive a pack that provides all the tools needed to host an Iftar experience at home, whilst being a part of a virtual community, every day of Ramadan. The virtual Iftar’s will broadcast a live call to prayer, host an array of inspirational guest speakers, and allow households to share their Iftar experiences with one another.

This year #MyOpenIftar aims to host the world’s largest virtual Iftar, on the first day of Ramadan

How it works

1) Register. Receive your welcome pack on how to host your own #MyOpenIftar

2) Interact. Join a virtual community everyday of Ramadan with guest speakers and hundreds of participants

3) Athaan. Watch the live Call to Prayer

4) Iftar. Enjoy your meal together with their Ramadan cards

5) Fundraise. Share the community spirit and help them bring the month of Ramadan to all doorsteps.

6) #MyOpenIftar. Join in celebrating this month of togetherness by sharing your experience online #MyOpenIftar

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