Latin American Ambassadors Responding to COVID-19

Latin American countries are facing fast-paced coronavirus outbreaks. In response to the crisis, One Young World Ambassadors have jumped into action devising innovative solutions and using their network to help others. The Ambassadors on this list are on the frontlines of this pandemic fighting to help their communities. Whether it be fighting misinformation from political leaders, or assisting children to continue their education, even when they can't be physically present in school, One Young World Ambassadors in Latin America have stepped up to the challenge.

cada dia cuenta

Cada Día Cuenta - Coronavirus Hackathon

The OYW Latin America Community launched a hackathon from 3 - 5 April, which aimed to devise solutions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 across the region.

3,600 people took part, including mentors, volunteers, and participants. Representing 18 different countries, the participants developed over 210 solutions.

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Renan Ferreirinha Carneiro. State Deputy, Rio de Janeiro

Renan and his coalition proposed a bill to allow public schools to be used as shelters for socially vulnerable people during the pandemic. In April, the bill passed, a measure which demonstrated that the government must be responsible for supplying food, minimum health & sanitary conditions, as well as medical care. The money to fund this program will come from the Poverty and Social Inequalities Fight State Fund.





Mauricio Durán Núñez, Head Of Ecommerce South West Latam, RB

In Colombia, there is a tremendous deficit of ICU beds. For that reason, Mauricio, along with his team at RB, industrial designers, and doctors, developed the TAS Capsule. Their objective is to produce at least 280 capsules; distributing 30 for appropriate patient transfer in ambulances and 250 to cover the lack of ICU beds. To help realise their vision, Mauricio and his team are in conversation with several national and governmental entities in Colombia and Ecuador. 


Debbie Marin. Program Coordinator, Chocó Robotics School

Chocó Robotics School is making masks to donate to the Quibdó Hospital in Colombia. In Chocó, the health system is precarious and lacks the necessary equipment to face an outbreak of the Coronavirus.


Ilana Milkes. Co-founder and CEO, World Tech

World Tech have set out to fill educational gaps created by quarantine in the form of technical education solutions.  Starting March 30, for every educational kit purchased, World Tech will donate another kit to a child that lacks access to educational technology.

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The EDUCAMBIO foundation is feeding families in conditions in Cali, Colombia. Three hundred donors - partnered with EDUCAMBIO - are currently providing food for over 1,000 vulnerable families in Cali.

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Nasha Cuello - Sustainability Manager at ABinBev Argentina

ABinBev Argentina have transformed their facilities to distil 70% alcohol in order to donate 150,000 bottles of hand sanitiser to those that need it most. They are currently distributing to multiple provinces and towns to reach hospitals and civil society organisations.

Angela Caceres

Angela Cáceres, Andean Cluster Product Manager - Psoriasis, Novartis

Angela is promoting the campaign "Help us take care of those who take care of us". A donation of just 20 dollars will buy all of the materials required to make a protective suit for a health professional at the Erasmo Meoz hospital in Cucuta. The garments are made entirely by volunteers, ensuring that every single dollar that is donated goes towards the purchase of the necessary materials.


Juan Carlos Viloria Doria. Vice President, Venezuelans in Barranquilla

Juan is working on the Coalition for Venezuela in Colombia’s campaign to help Venezuelan migrants and refugees living in Colombia. The Coalition for Venezuela is helping to provide these communities with critical resources such as food, medicine, personal hygiene products and biosafety products. 

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Tabata Amaral de Pontes. Federal Deputy, São Paulo

Although the Brazilian President has insisted that COVID-19 is a hoax, Tabata is using her platform within the government to unlock funding to support vulnerable populations, set up medical response facilities, educate the Brazilian community about the dangers of COVID-19 and encourage people to self-isolate.


Biz Nation

Karen Carvajalino. Co-founder, The Biz Nation

Biz Nation have released 15 classes on technology, marketing and productive education for free during the quarantine, available using the code APRENDOENCASA2020. Biz Nation is also working to create new customised courses for corporations who have their employees working from home.

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Note: All of the courses currently on offer are in Spanish

Skillbox Usarios

Jonathan Puerta. Co-founder & CEO, TASKME

Jonathan and his team at TASKME are working to help small companies and startups respond effectively to COVID-19. They launched THE SKILLBOX PROJECT, a community of young volunteer professionals who make the most of their time in quarantine by helping entrepreneurs and small businesses develop web pages, e-commerce sites, marketing campaigns among other things.

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Felipe Acosta and Camilò Mendez, Dondoctor

Dondoctor partnered with the Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá Hospital to create the "Qué no cunda el pánico" campaign to fight against misinformation surrounding COVID-19. They have launched a platform that provides accurate information and connects directly with the health system in Colombia.

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Camila Fierro. Founder, Ya Tengo Donde Escribir

Camila and her team at Ya Tengo Donde Escribir are delivering bags of groceries to the kids they support through their work. The organisation creates educational materials with recycled notebooks and supports young students who don't have access to basic educational needs. 

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Mileidy Jiménez Sánchez. Climate Action, Paz a Mano

Mileidy helped to deliver 350 face masks to homeless people, sex workers, street vendors and older adults.

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Benjamin Bocio. Executive Director, Bocio Medical Foundation (FUMEBO)

The Bocio Medical Foundation is donating protective equipment, including N95 and gowns, to healthcare personnel that are lacking supplies.

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Jenifer Colpas. CEO, Tierra Grata

Jenifer has launched a campaign called 'PREVENTS HELPING'. The team are collecting donations of antibacterial soap and money to buy cleaning products and food for rural communities. They have made their first deliveries and are currently collecting a second round of donations.

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Estefania Angel. Independent Consultant

NomoWaste is raising money to purchase cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment for recyclers. This is vital work as it helps the works to keep their facilities cleans and prevents them from contracting COVID-19 from the materials that they sort.

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Nestor Gómez. Director, Puente Digital

Alimentación para Suacha (Food for Soacha) aims to assist the most vulnerable families in the municipality of Soacha by proving food and basic hygiene products. The project has already targeted more than 400 vulnerable families.

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Colombia Cuida Colombia, National initiative

Colombia Cuida Colombia is a national alliance, connecting people and organisations to reduce the impact of COVID-19 in the most vulnerable populations. The initiative is a united front of more than 260 organisations around five key issue areas: communications & information, food security, health, education and employment & entrepreneurship. In April alone, Colombia Cuida Colombia raised enough money to provide 11,002,029 kilos of food to 1,268,432 people in 152 municipalities and cities.

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