Lead2030 Challenge Winner: Akshay Makar

The Challenge: How do we increase the share of renewable energy by 2030?

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The world faces a dual challenge, the need to reduce carbon emissions to net zero while providing the increasing energy necessary for the world to continue to grow and prosper. 

The Sustainable Development Goals clearly reflect this need for sustainable and modern energy for all, while the world’s demand for energy continues to increase. 

Renewables will play a key role in advancing the energy transition. They are the fastest-growing source of energy today, on course to provide at least 14% of the global energy mix by 2040. Innovative solutions have the potential to disrupt and have an even bigger impact on increasing the share of renewable energy. 

About Climatenza

Akshay Makar is the founder of Climatenza- a solar thermal company working in India and Chile that develops and applies concentrated solar power (CSP) technology to generate high-value energy for industrial applications directly from the sun.

Whilst the proportion of fossil fuels used in the industrial energy mix has marginally declined, accelerated efforts are needed needed to get industry on track with the Sustainable Development Scenario Akshay and his team at Climatenza are working to be part of this solution by developing cost-effective solar thermal technology as a replacement source of heat generation for industrial clients.

Within the next five years, Climatenza aims to implement solar thermal projects with a combined scale of 55.5 MW. These projects would save over 1.35 million tonnes of carbon over a 20-year period.

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