Lead2030 Challenge Winner: Alejandro Daly


 The Challenge: How do we tackle non-communicable diseases among young people?


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Non-communicable diseases have become the number one cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, killing more than 41 million people each year. While they disproportionately impact people living in vulnerable or compromised situations, they are an issue for people everywhere. Young people are most at risk, and they are also the point of great opportunity to change the trajectory of disease. Yet young people are seldom on the global health agenda. 70% of premature deaths from NCDs can be linked to behaviours and habits that form in adolescence, which has resulted in prevention becoming a critical tool to fight the burden of NCDs.

AstraZeneca's Young Health Programm invests in education, advocacy and research to address the primary risk factors that lead to NCDs in later life The challenge welcomed non-profit organisations looking for health promotion ideas and projects to reduce risk behaviours in young people.  

About El Derecho a No Obedecer




The Right To Not Obey "El Derecho a No Obedecer" is a social platform from Otraparte Corporation that aims to empower youth in Latin America to transform unjust realities through advocacy processes in public decisions and social imaginaries around issues such as air pollution, climate change, refugees rights, and peaceful mobilization.