Lead2030 Challenge Winner: Thalita Gelenske

The Challenge: How do we create an inclusive workplace environment for the LGBTQ community worldwide?

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As workplaces become more diverse, companies need to adapt their practices and policies to be more inclusive of the needs and advancement of LGBTQ employees.

When applying for jobs, LGBTQ people often conceal information about their sexual orientation or gender identity from their potential employer in order to avoid bias or discrimination.

This is because one in four LGBTQ employees report experiencing employment discrimination in the last five years and over one quarter of transgender people who held or applied for a job in the last year reported being fired, not hired, or denied a promotion due to their gender identity. This is likely to occur anywhere in the world. However, it is more prevalent in countries where LGBTQ discrimination is rampant.

The Sustainable Development Goals aim to close this gap, particularly Goal 10, which calls for reducing inequalities in income as well as those based on age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status within a country.

About Blend EDU


Thalita is passionate about working towards building truly inclusive workplaces. Thalita is the CEO of Blend Edu, a social impact start-up which offers training and educational experiences to promote diversity and inclusion in Brazilian companies (addressing gender, race, disability, LGBTI, etc.) in order to create an inclusive future through the power of education.

In 2018, the team at Blend EDU developed Diversidade SA, the first and largest virtual learning community focused on diversity in Brazil.

Diversidade brings together webinars, discussion forums and best practice tips from renowned specialists in one unified digital environment so that businesses can access the tools they need to create more diverse communities. Since launching, the platform has engaged over 3,500 people in educational actions.

Lead2030 will enable the team to develop Diversidade SA, including providing more accessible content so that the platform is able to reach more users.

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