Leaders 2 Leaders 2017

Are you passionate about gender equality, poverty alleviation, education, social investment and looking to increase your local and global impact? 

Join the Leaders to Leaders Programme 2017 in Hong Kong this summer.

What is the programme?

Leaders to Leaders is a Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups initiative to connect global young leaders with local young leaders to exchange ideas and experiences and to co-create positive impact in their respective communities. The programme is made up of 4 major interactive events:

1) A series of talks & seminars

The programme will be joined and led by 5 global leaders from different countries to share their knowledge and experience focused on 5 key topics: 

Women Empowerment, represented by Lina Khalifeh, Founder of SheFighter & OYW Ambassador. 
Climate Change, represented by Yolanda Joab, Senior Program Coordinator for International Organisation for Migration & OYW Ambassador. 
Poverty and Education, represented by Arizza Nocum, Head of Education, KRIS Library & OYW Ambassador. 
Public Speaking, represented by Darren Tay, World Public Speaking Champion. 
Social Investment, represented by Jasmine Lau, cofounder & Executive Director, Philanthropy in Motion.

2) A 72-hour Impact Challenge Competition in Hong Kong: “Unleash your creativity and mobilization ability” 

Design and execute self-initiated service projects/social campaigns in any format to maximize public awareness of the 5 key topics of focus.

3) A free Overseas Apprenticeship opportunity: “Shadowing the global leaders to understand their mission and vision”

3 overseas apprenticeships will be awarded to the winning team of the 72- hour Impact Challenge Competition. Three leaders, Lina Khalifeh, Arizza Nocum & Jasmine Lau will offer apprenticeship opportunities at the headquarter of their organisations for a month to learn about their operations.

4) Extension Project: “A Fast Track to become a “Regional Director” or “Founder” of Social Institution - marking a milestone on your career path”

Upon return from the apprenticeship, the apprentice shall either set up a new chapter of the respective organisation in Hong Kong or start a new initiative addressing the related issue for 6 months. Guidance and support will be provided by the host institution and The HKFYG throughout the project. 

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​When & where is it?

August 1-5. Hong Kong

How much does it cost?

Attending Leaders 2 Leaders is free for One Young World Ambassadors.

What is the deadline to register?

30 June

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