Raise female & minority voices: National Library of Ireland Archive Project

national library of ireland

Initiative led by Sinéad Burke, writer, activist, teacher & One Young World Counsellor

The National Library of Ireland (NLI) is doing ongoing work to create an Irish web archive. They recognise the intrinsic cultural value of digital information and the need to preserve this material for current and future generations. A review in 2017 showed that donations to the NLI were about men's lives five times more often than they were about women's lives. This wasn’t just the digital archive, but the national physical archive too. There is only one type of story being told.    

The NLI has commissioned Sinéad to create a collection for the national digital archive focusing on Irish female and minority voices that should be part of the national story, and curate a digital collection that tells a new story about Ireland. Who are the hidden figures that should be celebrated? What new voices should be amplified? What organisations or projects have played a part in shaping our nation from here, or from afar?  

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