Cher talks politics & animal rights at One Young World Summit 2016

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Cher warned Millennials to take note of the "serious" and "far-reaching consequences" of the 2016 US Presidential Election as she appeared before delegates at the One Young World Summit 2016.

Addressing an audience of 1,300 global young leaders from more than 190 countries, the singer and Oscar-Winning Actor was at the Summit in Ottawa to launch her new campaign for animals in captivity. 

But during questioning from broadcast journalist James Chau, Cher spoke of her fears over the bitterly contested Presidential race and the potential impact of the election on younger generations. 

"What [young people] need to know is that this election will change America and have consequences for the world for 40 years and the people who will suffer the most are Millennials," she said. 

She was highly critical of Republican candidate Donald Trump's approach to politics and the responses she claimed it had generated. "What he has awakened in my country is bigotry and distrust and a certain kind of supremacy in certain groups," she said. 

Cher also acknowledged that Millennial voters "are not really drawn" to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and said "they don't trust her, they feel that her sins are really enormous." But she said that she personally knew Mrs. Clinton and was confident that "she will do her best." 

Launching her new campaign to give greater protection to animals in captivity she said that people who spoke up for animal rights were sometimes "made fun of" and regarded as radicals. She said that people might take the subject more seriously if they considered how they might respond to harm to their domestic animals. 

She invited young people to come forward with suggestions of a name for her campaign by posting their ideas on social media using the hashtag #CherOYW.