DSM providing 6 scholarship places for young leaders to attend #OYW2019

This year, DSM, a long-standing partner of One Young World, launched 2 scholarships for young leaders to attend the upcoming OYW 2019 Summit in London from 22-25 October. Focused on 2 of DSM’s core remits, OYW was proud to launch the Resources & Circularity Scholarship and the Brighter Living Scholarship which each will offer the opportunity to 3 young leaders.  Ahead of the 2019 Summit, all 6 of the selected scholars will travel to The Netherlands to participate in a bespoke pre-programme hosted by DSM.  

About the Resources & Circularity Scholarship

DSM’s purpose is to create brighter lives for the world today and the generations to come. They connect their unique competencies in life sciences and material sciences to make solutions that nourish, protect, and improve performance.

For this Scholarship, DSM is offering the opportunity to 3 young leaders around the world who are working to further the transition from a linear to a circular, sustainable economy. The scholarship focuses on DSM’s purpose-driven domain, Resources & Circularity. DSM’s ambition is to safeguard the future availability of natural resources and to unlock more value from the limited resources that are available.

About the Brighter Living Scholarship

In line with DSM’s purpose-led performance-driven strategy, this Scholarship seeks to support young leaders and entrepreneurs working to promote nutrition and healthy living who are making an impact locally with their start-ups, companies, or organisations. This goes hand in hand with addressing inclusive economic development in emerging markets. This is part of DSM’s ambition to ensure nutritious and healthy diets for all.  DSM is offering this opportunity to 3 young entrepreneurs in the field of nutrition.

Congratulations to the 2019 DSM Scholarship recipients!

Isaac Brenya, Ghana

Co-founder/CEO, Ecovon

Isaac Brenya is the director of Ecovon, an ecologically-focused startup that engineers building materials out of sustainably-sourced coconut husk and sugarcane bagasse. He is a former finalist for the Switch Africa Green Starter Award, Adansonia project 2016, SAG-SEED Awards 2017, and a Tony Elumelu Foundation scholar 2018.

Gerald Matolo, Kenya

Founder, Angaza

Gerald Matolo is the Founder and CEO of Angaza Africa Technologies, a clean energy firm that manufacture zero-waste solutions for cooking and heating. He is a winner of the Anzisha Prize for Africa 2017, Top 10 Student Entrepreneurs in Kenya, and the Commonwealth Youth Awards 2018.

Anisha Godha, India

Co-founder, SNAP

Anisha is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of SNAP, a precision agriculture technology solution that maximises soil outputs. She holds a degree in Geology from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, where she undertook several sustainable development initiatives.

Elizabeth Gikebe, Kenya

Founder/CEO, Mhogo Foods

Responding to the effects of drought and malnutrition in Kenya, Elizabeth founded Mhogo Foods. They have developed a drought-resistant, affordable, nutritious, cassava-based alternative to traditional wheat flour. Working with a network of over 300 vendors, Mhogo Foods have helped to bridge the nutritional gap for thousands of Kenyans.

Gaurav Vijayvargiya, Zambia

Director of Strategy, Seba Foods

Gaurav is the Director of Strategy at Seba Foods, a producer committed to making nutritious foods affordable and accessible for all Africans. Gaurav leads Seba’s focus on corn and soya in providing people of all means with a healthy, affordable diet.

Tolulope Aina, Nigeria

Founder/CEO, Tolulope Foods and Farms

Tolulope founded Tolulope Foods and Farms, an agricultural development agency, as an undergraduate. This initiative specialises in the cassava supply chain and has trained nearly 1,000 agricultural workers in Nigeria in maximising output and sustainability.