Meet the #OYW2018 Resolution Project winners

Countless Moves - Nairobi, Kenya
Eric Nehemiah

Eric is the Project Manager for the Mathare Foundation. His work primarily focuses on poverty alleviation and development through education. His new project, Countless Moves, will create a programme to build life skills and enhance cultural expression through dance in girls and young women in the Mathare slums of Kenya.

Hydroquo+ - Dhaka, Bangladesh
Md Zahin Rohan Razeen

Zahin works to improve access to water for underprivileged people in Bangladesh. Hydroquo+ will collect data from water pipes to create AI and machine learning algorithms to efficiently treat non-potable water in Bangladesh's poverty-stricken residential areas. Hydroquo+ has plans to supply 3 million litres of filtered water to people nationwide by 2020.

Penta Innovation - Bangkok, Thailand
Shogun Mahadumrongkul

Shogun is passionate about finding innovative solutions to help under-resourced communities. Penta Innovation will increase the accessibility of quality prosthetics for Vietnam and Thailand's amputee populations, with the design of a high-quality, low-cost ankle joint. This will help to decrease the health complications often faced by

TukAid - The Hague, Netherlands
Jamie Boon and Edwin de Wit

Jamie and Edwin have combined their expertise in information technology and humanitarian design to create TukAid. TukAid will design a conversion kit that can transform an average TukTuk into an emergency medical care vehicle. This includes medical and technical equipment and a custom designed stretcher to help bring medical aid to places that are often difficult to reach.