One Young World Ambassadors speak at World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings

This year, One Young World collaborated with the World Bank Group and IMF on their Annual Meetings to include the voices of young people in their programming which was streamed globally. The meetings, which took place from 11-17 October, brought together central bankers, Ministers of Finance and Development, parliamentarians, private sector executives, representatives from civil society organisations and academics to discuss issues of global concern, including poverty eradication, economic development, and aid effectiveness.


One Young World Ambassador experts contributed to 3 specific events by recording statements and calls to action related to their session. 

Check out the highlights of the World Bank IMF Meetings below.

Session 1: Growth in a Time of Crisis: What's Ahead for Developing Economies

Sustainable communities include access to fundamental resources for economic growth. An investment in people, businesses and countries is vital to the future of this economy. It has not been easy for young entrepreneurs, visionaries, activists to scale their operations. Our Ambassadors shared stories of hope and resilience to empower everyone as we continue to work towards a better future, for all.



Rumaitha Al Busaid- Middle East Climate Strategist

Ambassador Speakers Include:


Rumaitha Al Busaidi, Oman. Middle East Climate Strategist

Lyubov Artemenko, Ukraine. Co-founder of GO TO-U

Salam Al-Nukta, Netherlands. Founder of Changemakers

Aravinth Panch, Sri Lanka. Co-founder of the DreamSpace Academy 

Jonathan Chu, Malaysia. Coordinating Ambassador and founder of 95 the Business Consultants

Keithlin Caroo, St.Lucia. Founder of Helen's Daughters 

Abhinav Khanal, Nepal. Co-founder & Executive Director of Bean Voyage


Key Actions:

 "We have a collective duty to reflect and envision a recovery that is inclusive."- Rumaitha Al Busaid

"Sustainable mobility should be at the heart of the COVID-19 recovery strategy."-Lyubov Artemenko

"Future proof skills should be interdisciplinary so people can dynamically adapt.-Aravinth Panch

"What we need is more accessibility to education, to help young people to upskill themselves."-Jonathan Chu

"The resilience of Caribbean youth has shown through. When traditional sectors had blocked us out, we created a new one.-Keithlin Caroo

Session 2: Ending the Pandemic, the Road to an Inclusive Recovery

We live in a growing and ageing population, which means prevention and preparedness for global health crises is paramount. The World Bank convened with global and regional leaders, along with representatives of the private sector, civil society, and youth to make a powerful case for more equitable access to vaccines for developing countries and emphasize the importance of strong health systems to successful vaccine deployment and better pandemic preparedness. Our Ambassadors shared their views on how we can recovery from the pandemic.


Ambassador Speakers Include:


Radhika Batra, India. Founder of Every Infant Matters

Sedighe Karimzadeh, Afghanistan. Medical Doctor & Resarcher

Fanny Bessem, Cameroon. Founder of Favour Lowcost Healthcare Foundation

Lavau Kwalam Nalu, Papa New Guinea. Youth Health Educator & Executive Team member for the PNG Health Project

Yana Panfilova, Ukraine. Founder & Head of Board for Teenergizer 

Patelisio Patelisio, Tonga.  Non Communicable Diseases Coordinator at the Minister of Health 

Mamello Makhelle, Lesotho. Nurse, Midwife and Co-founder of Barali Foundation

Emmanuele Parra Causon, Philippines. Coordinating Ambassador for Asia and Senior Content Specialist at Thomas Rueters

Carlos Madrigal Ibero, Mexico. Medical Doctor

Session 3: Trade to the Rescue- Unleashing Global Trade to Support Economic Growth

Expanding trade flows can be part of the solutions to global challenges, when accompanied by the right policies. Global trade can open a gateway to economic development and improved quality of life for all communities, can result in economy recovery. Our Ambassadors provided recommendations towards economic development for all communities.

Ambassador Speakers include:


Edward Neequaye, Ghana. CEO and Founder of Built Accounting

Aisha Raheem, Nigeria. Founder of Farmz2U

Emilia Malavoloneque, Angola. Trade Lawyer and Founder of Jovens de Banda

Cecily Liu, China. Managing Director of Visionary Education

Francisco Abad, Ecuador. Founder & Executive Director at Codeis 


"International trade is important to my country because it expands our market and open us up for investment in the strategic sectors for our economy to increase economic opportunities and reduce poverty and inequalities."-Edward Neequaye

"It is important because of the opportunity of some of the farmers to earn an economic return on their harvest and produce."-Aisha Raheem

"Permits my firm to come invest in the technical expertise and capacity building of locals. At the same time that it helps with the generation of employment and therefore, in our fight against poverty."- Emilia Malavoloneque.

"International Trade is important for China as well as many other developing countries because they will be able to catch up with the developed economies by learning from the best and brightest. ."-Cecily Liu

"Trade has make my life better because I help entrepreneurs everyday to create goods and service that they can experiment within our city, in our country, but to bring the rest of the world ."-Francisco Abad