Your Weekly Update: Ambassador featured in Vogue and more

In the midst of new challenges, OYW Ambassadors continue to display leadership and innovation in their communities. Over the past week, Ambassadors have launched podcasts and blogs, been featured in Vogue and spoken at global digital events. Learn more below.

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Grace Forrest


Grace Forrest, co-founder and director of Walk Free, was interviewed by Vogue Australia. She spoke about her work, modern-day slavery in the fashion industry and actionable steps that both consumers and brands can take to combat this worldwide issue. Walk Free is a global anti-slavery initiative run by the Minderoo Foundation.

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Yousra Abdelmoneim


Yousra started a Career Spotlight blog series, which aims to shine a light on people from a range of different academic backgrounds and career pathways beyond the less traditional ones. She hopes that these stories will inform, inspire and empower others to explore their own interests and talents. The series has featured individuals such as data engineer Ama April and diplomat Yousif Abu-Agla.

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Andrea Orsag & Jennifer Pfister

Slovakia & Germany

Andrea and Jennifer started a podcast together. Co.Cast - Creating The Future Together podcast aims to showcase global stories of human resilience and creativity, and to spark a conversation about our future after COVID-19. 13 episodes have been released so far, and every single story takes a different perspective on contributing to a sustainable and better world. Guests have included OYW Ambassadors PJ Mistry, Gosia Rychlik and David Brown-Dawson.

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Ghea Priatna


Ghea joined WomenWorks, a new female empowerment initiative. WomenWorks allows women to connect with fellow women from varying generations and stages in their career lives, and provides networking opportunities for female leaders. They provide one-on-one mentorship, growth circles, and courses. Ghea is providing strategic help in transitioning back into the workplace as a new mother, and advice to those considering an alternative career path with a legal/law background.

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Mortaza Behboudi


Mortaza has shone a light on the current situation in the Moria refugee camp in Lesbos, where tens of thousands of refugees are living in appalling conditions. While Greece has relaxed lockdown measures and opened its borders to tourists, curfews in the camps have repeatedly been extended. Mortaza lived in Moria from March to August, and documented the conditions of the camp and recorded portraits of its inhabitants.


Bibi Gonzalez


Bibi Gonazalez's intiative Eat Better Wa'ik was one of 10 recipients of the SGM Food Solidarity Fund. The fund selected 10 Social Gastronomy organizations to be the recipients of USD$10,000 to support their food-driven solutions for Covid-19 relief and recovery. Aside from providing critical financial support, the fund will ensure that organizations from opposite sides of the world are connected to each other, and feel heard and supported by a larger community.

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Yunus & Youth Webinar Series

Ambassadors Madhav Datt, Sara Rajabli, Mutindi Chogo and Amélie Jézabel were all panellists in Yunus & Youth's August webinar series, Building the New Normal: Social Entrepreneurship after COVID-19. They spoke on topics such as the role of entrepreneurship in building a sustainable future, the role of youth in the new normal and ensuring an inclusive future. They shared the great opportunities and challenges that Young Social Entrepreneurs face in today's world, as well as sharing their own experiences and the impact their businesses are having around the world.

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Speaking Engagements

Kristin Duquette

United States

Kristin Duquette spoke on the Freewheelin with Carden podcast. She spoke about her diagnosis, growing up with a progressive disability, swimming with degenerative muscles, and her body today. They also covered disability rights as human rights, public service, and Kristin's vision for the future.

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Jonathan Puerta


Jonathan Puerta spoke on youth leadership and talent in Medellín on the CuarenTertulias panel. CuarenTertulias has been organising discussions and speaker sessions on social issues during quarantine.

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Wubetu Shimelash


Wubetu spoke at General Electric's “launching into the un-known” event. He spoke about how curiosity, searching for opportunities, and the right mindset, a good heart, and hard work creates growth in one's professional and personal life, whilst also empowering and inspiring others.

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Ambassadors in the Media

Simonetta Giuricich

South Africa

Simonetta Giuricich was featured in Accountacy SA Magazine. She spoke about her involvement in the SDGs, her work at One Young World and the Good Work Foundation, and her sustainability journey. She also discusses the importance of empathy, openmindedness and awareness.

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Salam Kanhoush


Salam was featured in The Brave Entrepreneurs Video Series. Salam spoke about his journey moving to Sudan as a Syrian refugee aged 16, and his experience adapting to the culture, starting a business and freelancing.

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Catherine Kiama


Catherine Kiama was featured in the BotlhaleAfrika blog. She shared her passion for investing in adolescent girls who have little access to education, health services and economic opportunities, and her advice urging African women to continue taking up space.

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John Jal Dak

South Sudan

John Jal Dak was featured in the UN Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs' website. John spoke about his NGO Youth Social Advocacy Team, which build relationships between refugees and host communities as well as empowering young people with life skills and giving them a platform for their voices to be heard.

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Ambassador Publications

Daniel Ayebare


Daniel Ayebare wrote an article that was featured in one of Uganda's national newspapers. Daniel's article explores the role of corporate social responsibility in Africa, with a focus on Uganda. Daniel writes about his experience running a social enterprise, and the positive effects CSR has on communities and organisations.

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Harriet Kamanshanyu


Harriet Kamanshanyu wrote an article on the role of feminist transformational leadership in enhancing women's participation in leadership roles for World Pulse. Her article details the importance of feminist leadership, and the strategies organisations and individuals can take to advance strong female leadership.

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