North American Ambassadors on the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Response

The number of recorded COVID-19 cases in North America has rapidly increased over the past month with some experts arguing that North America, specifically the United States, has now become the epicentre of the virus. Many of the small island nations in North America also have a growing number of reported cases. Hospitals across North America have already begun to face critical shortages in medical supplies and such as ventilators and personal protective equipment. Ambassadors in North America are facing the crisis and providing innovative solutions for many problems and challenges caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Miles Pepper, United States

Miles and his brother have launched a project called Disinfect Connect, a database of distilleries around the United States producing hand sanitiser. Disinfect Connect helps hand sanitiser-producing distilleries connect with communities and organisations in need of their products.

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Trevor Schonewille, Canada

Trevor and his team have launched an innovative series educating people on how to manage their finances during the COVID-19 pandemic. They've recently partnered with the SPTF to develop additional COVID-19 related financial literacy lessons. Monkiri are translating the lessons into multiple languages so that people all around the world can have access to the resources, and have recently expanded their Content Management System to allow more organisations to distribute mobile lessons through the app and continue to reach their users.

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Raghu Appasani, United States

Minds Foundation


The MINDS Foundation is producing content for anyone that is trapped at home and struggling with their mental health during this crisis. The MINDS Foundation has hosted a webinar discussing mental health and have produced a series of articles on lockdown & mental health. They will continue to provide content related to COVID-19 to help their people manage with these significant life changes.

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Raghu is also supporting a campaign called 'F The Virus', selling bracelets to help fund additional resources and supplies for medical workers.They have also created a platform that tracks supply and personnel shortages from hospital to hospital so that supplies can be transferred effectively and efficiently.

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Thome Pace


Angela Edward, United States

Angela works with an Interdisciplinary Team at a 501©3 Thome PACE, serving some of the community's eldest and frailest citizen. Thome PACE works with elders and families who are eligible to go to Nursing Homes and manages their health and safety to keep them living in their homes. Angela works on a team of Licensed Social Workers who are prioritising finding ways to support caregivers, manage mental health symptoms, and coordinate needed care and response to crises during the pandemic. 




Cameron Dagg, Canada

Labatt Breweries have mobilised their breweries to produce and distribute 50,000 bottles of hand sanitiser to support Food Banks Canada, front line workers and partners in the restaurant and bar industry.

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Genevieve Westrope, Canada

Stay The F*** Home are selling themed gift boxes with items exclusively sourced from Toronto-based makers and small business. Genevieve recently launched The Wash Your Hands box and all profits will be used to buy Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for a local Toronto hospital.

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Aminka Belvitt, Canada

Wofemtech Solutions Inc provides online professional training for in-demand business, technical and personal skills for the modern women and industry. Since the start of the lockdown, Aminka has made their video conferencing platform available for trial.

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Alfred Junco


Alfred Junco, Canada have set up a free financial guidance system, matching those that have been financially hit by the virus with a tailor-picked finance professional that is able to provide guidance and advice.

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Amil Khanzada, United States's mission is to develop an app so that anyone can know their COVID-19 risk simply by coughing into a phone. The nonprofit's global team of students from 6 universities, mentored by Stanford faculty, are utilising AI to identify respiratory signatures undetectable by the human ear.

The team are looking for donations and hospital collaboration! Contact: [email protected]

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Rise up


Amanda Nguyen, United States

Amanda Nguyen, CEO of Rise, established the Survivor Safe Haven initiative to provide the increased people at risk of sexual and domestic violence with access to resources and information during the government enforced lockdown. Survivor Safe Haven partners with restaurants, grocery stores and other essential establishments to provide access to rapid response for survivors of domestic abuse. The initiative will use the grant to expand across the US, and to not only provide rapid response during this time, but establish a long-term, strong and viable outlet for survivors in the foreseeable future.

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