The One Young World - B Team “Better Workplaces” Blog Competition

How can we transform workplaces to drive wellbeing?

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The B Team wants to help redefine the role of business in society and you, the One Young World community, can help! You’ve already begun to influence our thinking by delivering the One Young World Charter for Business. To us last year at the Johannesburg Summit. Now we are turning some of your ideas into practical action. 

We’re embracing the challenge of creating thriving workplaces, with insights from yourselves and others to inform how we develop new innovations, reach for new standards and get businesses across the world to join us. How do workplaces need to be transformed to enable all employees, especially your generation of leaders, to thrive? We invite you to help us identify tangible solutions and actions.

Submit your blog for the chance to join us at a B Team Meeting in New York.

Tell your story or idea to us directly by sending in a blog post about a new approach to workplace wellbeing. This can be something you’ve seen, an idea you have or an innovation you’re already working on. Six finalist blogs will be published on the B Team Huffington Post channel and one winner will have the chance to discuss their idea or experience in person with the B Team, in April 2015 in New York City.

Background to our Leadership Challenge

Redefining the role of business is complex and requires a collective effort to overcome a number of urgent Challenges.

We believe one of these critical Challenges is to redefine what it means to be successful in business, by inspiring new leadership, business models, practices and incentives that reward leaders for delivering long-term social and environmental benefit to all stakeholders.

To achieve this we need to scale solutions that re-imagine our workplaces – from how we hire, to how we design our work, to rewarding everyone for prioritising people and planet, in the long run.

We hope you will explore one or more of these areas in your blog.

Guidelines for your blog

  • Write a 500-850 word piece answering the question: How we can transform workplaces to drive wellbeing?
  • Your post should be solution and action oriented
  • You can make it general, or applicable to a particular kind of industry or environment
  • You can write about a new idea that you might be able to work on in your regular job, or something related to other ideas you’ve thought about or observed
  • Keep it editorial and personal, posts should be written in the style of a "vendor neutral" opinion piece, op-ed column, or personal essay - a form of writing that adopts a point of view.
  • Please do not submit news stories or posts that are promotional for a company or brand, although you can mention (with links and attributions) several companies or initiatives

What you could win

  • 6 finalists’ blogs will be published on the B Team Huffington Post Channel
  • 1 winner will join the B Team in New York City in April 2015 for the ‘Plan B Forum’, including travel and accommodation.

How to enter

You must submit your entry by 15 November 2014Finalists and winners will be notified within 30 days of the closing date.

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To be eligible for the B Team One Young World Blog Competition you must be a member of the One Young World community, having attended at least one Summit.

Good Luck!