The One Young World Charter for Business

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We, the One Young World 2013 delegation, call on The B Team to incorporate the following principles and actions in their mission to transform business for the better:

Empowerment of young employees

appoint young employees to your boards, give them a real voice in defining corporate governance
create platforms within your companies in order to learn from and listen to young people
use your young employees to improve accountability for top-level management

Purpose beyond profit

set out a purpose of each business which is to be placed as equal priority with profit
create public, transparent targets which are related to the ethics and values of the B Team
develop a new standardised means of transparently auditing a business’ ethics – the “B Team Audit”

Collaboration as well as competition

create a platform within companies with the main purpose of driving collaborative efforts
utilise young talent to drive cross-sector and cross-border collaboration
ensure all expansion into new markets is made sustainable through collaboration with local communities 

As One Young World Ambassadors, we resolve to strive to embed these principles in our own organisations and businesses so that global business can and will be transformed into a force for good.

Together, alongside The B Team, we believe that we can overcome many of the challenges business faces today so that the next generation will not have to face them tomorrow.