One Young World Switzerland Caucus • Bühler / Arosa



The OYW Switzerland 2021 Caucus will bring together people from different industries and backgrounds to connect, exchange ideas to enable us to live well whilst respecting the boundaries of our planet - so that we are not only aware of the issues but start to make an impact together.

Throughout the weekend we will be joined by brilliant speakers and guests, and through the prism of Sustainable Startups, Sustainable Tourism and Grassroots Movements and we will ask ourselves: How can we connect and foster diverse skills to implement business ideas that contribute to a more sustainable planet? How can we scale impact by building ecosystems, even unusual ones? And... where do we start?

If we each contribute our unique skills, our combined efforts will make a sustainable change. Do you want to be part of this journey?


Any questions? Please email Jess via [email protected] or Max via [email protected].


Part 1

Buhler thumbnail

What? Hybrid Event held online and hosted at Bühler

When? Saturday 19 June


Part 2


What? Physical event at Arosa Tourism

When? Evening of Saturday 19 June and Sunday 20 June