One Young World USA Caucus 2015

The One Young World USA Caucus 2015 takes place on 26 September 2015 at Google Offices in Chelsea, located at 76th Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10011. 

This is an exciting opportunity for all Ambassadors to join fellow members of the One Young World Community to discuss special interests. 

Speaker sessions will cover topics such as healthcare, entrepreneurship and youth leadership and will run from 11:00am- 2:15 pm. A lunch and sightseeing session will follow speaker sessions.

Ambassadors are required to confirm their attendance to the speaker session by clicking the button below. Speaker sessions are capped at 50 people. 


Speakers will include:

Kate Otto, Founder, Everyday Ambassador
Jacob Lief, Founder & CEO, Ubuntu Fund
Jennifer Kamara, Founding Director, World Health Equity
Poonam Thimmaiah, co-Founder, Climb Against Sexual Abuse
Marvin Matthew, Entrepreneur
Parker Liautaud, Climate Change Activist


The event will be live streamed for anyone unable to attend.

Following the speaker sessions, all Ambassadors are welcome to invite their friends to the NYC sightseeing session and the USA Caucus After Party. 

All questoins can be directed at USA Coordinating Ambassadors:

Jennifer Kamara (USA 1):  [email protected]

Angelo Carino (USA 3): [email protected]

Jennifer Linares (USA 2): [email protected]