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Tackling the Climate Crisis Head On

As the platform for young leaders building a better, more sustainable future, One Young World’s commitment to combating climate change is embedded in its DNA.


From grassroots conservation efforts, advocating for and lifting the voices of Indigenous communities, to heads of supranational organisations paving the way for sustainable development, One Young World Counsellors and Ambassadors are making a substantial difference on the frontlines.



Green Zone Sessions - COP26

Green Zone Session Announcement

COP26 comes at a critical moment of the climate crisis - governmental inertia is no longer a credible option, and action is long overdue. One Young World recognises the importance of this summit and is committed to supporting the voices of young leaders who are on the frontier of the fight against climate change, to ensure the next generation are not shut out from the debate.


One Young World is pleased to announce that we will be hosting four exciting events throughout the Green Zone, partnering with key leaders in the climate space.


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  • session 1 cop26

    Policymaking for Future Generations: A Blueprint For A Green Future

    Date/Time: 05 Nov 2021, 13:30 - 14:30

    Venue: Science Show Theatre

  • cop session 2

    Planetary Conservation: A global intergenerational discussion on how to effectively preserve and safeguard the natural world

    Date/Time: 06 Nov 2021, 09:30 - 11:30

    Venue: Tower Base North

  • session 3 cop

    So, you want a Green job?

    Date/Time: 07 Nov 2021, 15:30 - 17:00

    Venue: Tower Base South

  • session 4 cop26

    Unlocking Climate Solutions: From the Pacific Islands to the Arctic, why Indigenous knowledge must take centre stage

    Date/Time: 08 Nov 2021, 10:00 - 11:30

    Venue: Cinema Auditorium

extreme cop26

One Young World x The Extreme Hangout

One Young World believes that young people’s voices, especially those from communities which are often disproportionately impacted by the consequences of climate change deserve a seat at the table. This is why One Young World is committed to furthering youth representation at COP26 and will continue to work closely with the British government’s Youth Engagement team and other NGOs, world leaders and businesses to highlight young leaders and their work. One Young World is working hard to ensure young people across the world are involved in COP26 and can use this historic Summit as an opportunity to create meaningful change on climate.


One Young World is also proud to partner with EXTREME International on a dynamic hub in Glasgow at COP26 where young people can come together to network, share ideas, learn from others, be inspired and ultimately leave with a renewed passion, understanding and urgency to help drive the green agenda. The EXTREME Hangout powered by OVO will be located on The Ferry, a unique and well known entertainment venue with a capacity of 600 people and conference capacity of 200, that is permanently moored at Anderston Quay on the Clyde. It is located just a short walk between the Scottish Exhibition Centre, the venue of COP26 and the city centre. The hub will feature a 11-day showcase of live discussion, education and entertainment driven by:


  • Panel discussions from opinion formers and leaders in the field, curated by One Young World
  • Space to hang out, share ideas, recharge yourself and your devices Leading chefs delivering local food & beverages
  • Entertainment with live music and comedy

The Extreme Venue will also feature an exciting evening agenda commencing from 7:00 pm.


Look out for everything from immersive film screenings to sensational live DJ sets. A finalised agenda will be realised which will include this and more sessions on the week commencing the 25th October

OYW Ambassador

Ambassadors speak at COP26 forums hosted by UK Cabinet Office

In the lead up to COP26, several One Young World Ambassadors, including Nomindari Enkhtur, Enass Abo Hamed, and Alain Kilajian have been advocating for urgent, decisive climate action in several high-level forums. In an effort to ensure young leaders sit around key decision-making tables, One Young World has worked with its partners to identify such opportunities. Learn more below.

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The Global Roundtable on Climate Action


In the months leading up to COP26, One Young World is ensuring the voices of young leaders of all backgrounds and sectors are meaningfully taken into account.

One Young World has, in partnership with UK COP26 Youth Advisory Group member Will Ferrell, launched a series of monthly roundtable sessions, each focused on a key aspect of the climate crisis.


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Global Roundtable on Climate

Inheriting Climate Change with Maatalii Okalik and Rae Bainteti


The Republic of Kiribati, located in the central Pacific Ocean halfway between Australia and Hawaii, will be the first to go underwater as sea levels continue to rise. Simultaneously, Arctic cultures are experiencing the devastating erosion of their land at the hands of global warming. 

Introduced by Curator Amber Lincoln and hosted by trailblazing youth activist and One Young World Ambassador, Kehkashan Basu, the conversation explored how their communities have adapted to overcome the consequences of climate change. This discussion was hosted in partnership with One Young World and the British Museum Youth Collective.


Inheriting Climate Change with Maatalii Okalik and Rae Bainteti

Lets Talk About the Climate Emergency


Climate Emergency

In our latest Table Talk British Ambassador to Germany, Jill Gallard, and climate action leaders - Jean Paul Brice Affana, Molly Palmer and Line Niedeggen - reflect on what each of us can do in the #RaceToZero and why #COP26 is a key milestone for all corners of the globe to come #TogetherForOurPlanet.

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Events and Opportunities


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