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Tackling the Climate Crisis Head On

As the platform for young leaders building a better, more sustainable future, One Young World’s commitment to combating climate change is embedded in its DNA.

From grassroots conservation efforts, advocating for and lifting the voices of Indigenous communities, to heads of supranational organisations paving the way for sustainable development, One Young World Counsellors and Ambassadors are making a substantial difference on the frontlines.

One Young World at COP26


One Young World at COP26


COP (Conference of the Parties) is an annual climate change conference held each year in a different world city. At the summit, delegates including heads of state, climate experts and negotiators come together to agree coordinated action to tackle climate change.

The summit also offers space for countries, international organisations and other delegates to showcase climate action, highlight diverse climate change issues and share knowledge.

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Green Financing: How can we reach the most climate-vulnerable communities?

30th September | 3:00 PM CEST

This event forms part of the official programming for All4Climate - Italy 2021.


The majority of the most climate-vulnerable countries received less than $20 per person per year in climate change adaptation financing from 2010 – 2017. This is symptomatic of a severely inequitable distribution of green finance and past years have seen an alarming rollback in climate finance contributions.

In this #All4Climate panel, One Young World Climate Ambassadors will discuss the role of young leaders in ensuring equitable financing of climate solutions, the critical importance of funding nature-based solutions, and the pressing need for a tailored approach for developing countries to ensure effective and sustainable change.


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Green Financing

Ambassadors speak at COP26 forums hosted by UK Cabinet Office

In the lead up to COP26, several One Young World Ambassadors, including Nomindari Enkhtur, Enass Abo Hamed, and Alain Kilajian have been advocating for urgent, decisive climate action in several high-level forums. In an effort to ensure young leaders sit around key decision-making tables, One Young World has worked with its partners to identify such opportunities. Learn more below.

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The Global Roundtable on Climate Action


In the months leading up to COP26, One Young World is ensuring the voices of young leaders of all backgrounds and sectors are meaningfully taken into account.

One Young World has, in partnership with UK COP26 Youth Advisory Group member Will Ferrell, launched a series of monthly roundtable sessions, each focused on a key aspect of the climate crisis.


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Global Roundtable on Climate

Inheriting Climate Change with Maatalii Okalik and Rae Bainteti


The Republic of Kiribati, located in the central Pacific Ocean halfway between Australia and Hawaii, will be the first to go underwater as sea levels continue to rise. Simultaneously, Arctic cultures are experiencing the devastating erosion of their land at the hands of global warming. 

Introduced by Curator Amber Lincoln and hosted by trailblazing youth activist and One Young World Ambassador, Kehkashan Basu, the conversation explored how their communities have adapted to overcome the consequences of climate change. This discussion was hosted in partnership with One Young World and the British Museum Youth Collective.

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Inheriting Climate Change

Lets Talk About the Climate Emergency


Lets Talk About the Climate Emergency


In our latest Table Talk British Ambassador to Germany, Jill Gallard, and climate action leaders - Jean Paul Brice Affana, Molly Palmer and Line Niedeggen - reflect on what each of us can do in the #RaceToZero and why #COP26 is a key milestone for all corners of the globe to come #TogetherForOurPlanet.

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