One Young World: London 2019 Ambassadors Activation Committee Application Form


The One Young World Summit will be coming ‘home’ to London next year, the city where it all began in 2009. This Tenth Anniversary Summit will be the largest ever staged, with over 1,700 young leaders from every country in the world coming together in Westminster between 22 and 25 October, 2019.

We want London to come alive for One Young World, and for everyone to know we are in town. We want Londoners, businesses, and visitors to notice us, and the amazing work of Delegates, Ambassadors, and Counsellors.


Typically host cities would deliver the Opening Ceremony, Delegate Social Programme, and Closing Ceremony as part of their bid for hosting the One Young Summit. However, these elements are not being provided in London. Therefore, we are establishing an Ambassador Activation Committee to bridge this gap in funding through off setting the costs against other elements of the One Young World Summit that Ambassadors can take the lead on securing sponsorship for.   

This gives an opportunity for Ambassadors to engage with a One Young World Summit like never before, taking them to the heart of activation and delivery, and using their knowledge, experience, and influence to shape key elements of the Summit.

This also gives the opportunity for existing and new Partners to collaborate with One Young World in new and innovative ways. This could be the start of their journey with One Young World, or the pinnacle of it. They have a unique opportunity that includes PR and Marketing exposure across London and, through our incredible Delegates and Ambassadors, to the world.

Expected Outcomes

The Committee will be responsible for securing investment for the activation and sponsorship of elements of the London Summit. This will be through the following ways:

  • Develop qualified leads to businesses (local to London, or with a base in London) who can host and/or sponsor events and receptions in the run up to and during the Summit
  • Seek out opportunities for One Young World to place branding across London, so that the Summit and participating delegates get the most exposure
  • Open opportunities for sponsorships of co-branded merchandise for all aspects of the Summit delivery, taking the One Young World and Partner brands right into the hands of Delegates, Ambassadors, and Counsellors
  • Provide the leads and opportunities to One Young World to enable the formalising of sponsorship agreements
  • Develop the network of Ambassadors based in London to engage and excite them, and encourage them to engage their employers
  • Re-engage organisations who may have lost touch with One Young World and find new organisations for One Young World to work with
  • Beyond this brief, find creative and innovative opportunities for activation to ensure the success of the Summit


  • Ability to influence senior leadership to send delegates and sponsor elements of the One Young World London Summit
  • Ability to dedicate time to the project – at least one committee meeting per month and more frequently as required
  • You will have a large social network to tap into and relationships you can leverage to help build the success of the London Summit
  • Ability to persuade and influence key internal and external stakeholders
  • Make introductions / set up meetings with CMOs and Head of HR departments and any potential partners. At least two recommendations / warm lead per month.

Committee Composition

The Committee will be made up of around eight people, including the Chair, which represents the diversity of London, and the diversity of organisations with whom One Young World works or seeks to work.

The Committee members will be Ambassadors who hold senior positions in their corporate organisations, and/or have influence and contacts in London. They should have the power to secure the sponsorships required to meet the activities.


The Committee will meet once per month, and more frequently as required. Sub-committees will be established as required to focus on specific areas of activity, such as engaging Ambassadors, event hosting, and activation through merchandise.

Committee members will be selected because of their expected dedication to the Committee’s activities. They are expected to attend all meetings the Chair schedules, and report back on the work they are progressing.


The Committee will report into the Special Programmes Director and Managing Director to ensure that both One Young World and the Committee understand each other’s activity, and to enable effective collaboration and support between both parties.

Role of the Chair

The Chair will:

  • Recruit Committee members per the Committee Composition
  • Maintain the Committee, including retention and removal of Committee members as required
  • Convene the Committee once per month, and/or more frequently as required
  • Establish working groups led by Committee Members to focus on specific Activity areas
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators with One Young World to measure the delivery of the Activities, to include rewards for the Committee of achieving KPIs

Role of the Committee Members

Committee Members will:

  • Be fully engaged in the Committee attending all required meetings
  • Take individual accountability for the delivery of Activities in line with Key Performance Indicators
  • Lead working groups as agreed with the Chair

Role of One Young World

One Young World will:

  • Develop Key Performance Indicators with the Chair to measure the delivery of the Activities, to include rewards for the Committee of achieving KPIs.
  • Provide the necessary support to Committee Members to enable them to develop relationships to the point of handing the lead to One Young World.
  • Provide insight and guidance to the Chair and Committee to support the delivery of the Activities.

All applications must be received by 14 November 2018.