OYW Canada Caucus: 12 July, Ottawa

OYW Canada Caucus. Hosted by KPMG

12 July | 6 - 9pm


When & Where

Thursday, 12 July

6 - 9 PM 

KPMG. 150 Elgin St, Ottawa

About the event

This will be an evening event with a panel, workshop, and networking time. The theme of the day will focus around the importance of and ways to achieve the Social Development Goals (SDGs) in Canada as a community. We will look at some actions already being taken and what more can young people do. During the event, Ambassadors and guests will have the opportunity to network, collaborate with each other, and listen to a panel on a range of topics relating to the SDGs to set the evening.

After the event, the group will head nearby for networking drinks afterwards. 

What's on the agenda

Time (PM) Agenda point Type of activity and speakers

6:00 - 6:20



6:20 - 7:10

Panel: Achieving the SDGs in Canada + Q&A.


Brief welcome and intro to panel: Alyssa Frampton, Canada Coordinating Ambassador

Goal: To highlight key actions already taking place in Canada and ways ambassadors can be more involved.

7:10 - 7:30 Ambassador Pitches A time for Ambassadors to share anything they are working on and anything they might want to get from the room.
7:30 - 8:30

Open Space Workshop: What are the next steps we can take together in achieving the SDGs?

  • Introduction to workshops plan & calling on 4-6 hosts. Attendees then decide what conversation they want to attend.
  • Open space will then happen letting attendees who raised a topic earlier to host mini conversations on the next steps we can take on those issue. (25 mins)
  • Each mini group will then present back to the group as a whole.

Goal: To have 4-6 ideas we can draft into a first step action plan to continue to consider for action as a community in the coming year. 

8:30 - 9:00 Wrap up & reflections