The OYW Ambassador community is made up of more than 9,000 young leaders from every sector and country. The young leaders in this community range from rising talent from some of the world's leading brands to independent activists and innovative social entrepreneurs.  

We believe this community is at its best and most impactful when Ambassadors from different walks of life collaborate to share skills and best practice. That's why we've launched OYWConnects, an Ambassador-led skills exchange that connects Ambassadors from the private sector with those leading their own social enterprises and initiatives to further develop those actions. 

What is OYWConnects?

OYWConnects​ is a peer-to-peer mentorship programme that matches OYW Ambassadors running early-stage social enterprises with OYW Ambassadors from some of the world's leading businesses. Participants in the 6 month programme receive tools, resources and exclusive webinars.  

What the programme consists of:


The 6 month programme is guided by the OYWConnects Pack which provides useful material that supports the mentorship process. The ultimate object is a new, optimised business plan.

1) Monthly Mentorship: Every month, the Mentor and Mentee work either in person or online for business development support.

2) Industry Expert Webinars: Throughout the programme, there are Industry Expert Webinars hosted by a renown entrepreneur/business leader.

3) Access to Talent Pool: Comprised of OYW Ambassadors, there is a dedicated ‘Talent Pool’ of individuals who provide insight across various sectors & business areas upon request.

How to join the programme:

Become a Mentor: Working in the private sector? Keen to use your business skills to scale an impactful social enterprise? Through OYWConnects, you will be matched with a social entrepreneur, provide mentorship on a monthly basis and apply your business development expertise.

Become a Mentee: If you're a OYW Ambassador working on your own social enterprise or initiative and feel you would benefit from additional support, then OYWConnects​ can help you realise your business goals. By the end of the programme, you will have developed a renewed business plan to improve the effectiveness and scalability of your enterprise. 

Join the Talent Pool: Passionate about social entrepreneurship but don't have the time to take part in the full 6 month programme? Lend your skills and knowledge through the Talent Pool. By joining, Mentees part of the programme can exclusively contact you and ask questions based on your expertise. 

Please note that we have completed the first intake of OYWConnects. We are collecting applications for the next intake which will begin in the fall. This programme is available exclusively to OYW Ambassadors. 

Become a Mentor

Become a Mentee

Join the Talent Pool

What's different about OYWConnects?

  • It offers OYW Ambassadors peer to peer mentorship from those of their own age group
  • OYW offers the chance of matching Mentors & Mentees from every country and every sector, including from 100+ corporate partners, providing unparalleled access to global expertise
  • Having shared the OYW experience, it provides an additional layer of relatability crucial to building a supportive mentor-mentee relationship
  • The programme will prove the value of mentorship and that success can be achieved without providing funding