Why are people still dying of preventable diseases?

The World Health Organisation said this year that global vaccination coverage has stalled at 86%. They estimate 1.5 million deaths a year could be prevented if vaccination levels improve. Yet there are increasing challenges against the safety of vaccines; in France alone, over 40% of the population do not consider them safe.

Globally, over a million people still die from HIV related causes each year. The lives of three million children under five are lost annually due to undernutrition. According to research in the UK, around 40% of cancer cases could be prevented by lifestyle changes. If everyone routinely washed their hands, the spread of disease and infection could be prevented which would save close to a million lives a year.

Nearly 90% of One Young World Ambassadors believe that education and awareness is the key to preventing disease and ill health. To date, health projects led by One Young World Ambassadors have impacted on 1,342,595 individuals who have been given access to medical care and healthier lifestyles through technology-driven initiatives.

Whether due to a lack of education or scarce access to services, why are people still dying of preventable diseases?

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