Leadership & Government

Corruption remains an all too frequent barrier to economic and social development. Two thirds of the One Young World community feel it is holding back the economic and political development of their country and only 13% of agree the government in their country is open and transparent. A lack of transparency not only sees vital funds being siphoned off for questionable use, but also holds back the flow of information and potential for accountability that help societies develop.

Globalisation has brought many economic benefits but also rich opportunities for corruption and malpractice, for which public and private sectors must work together at global level to resolve. Weak leadership - identified as the second biggest threat to future generations (after Climate Change) by the One Young World community - and the self-interest and greed of some elites stunt development and prevent an equitable sharing of wealth, ideas and investment.  Societies where corruption is still embedded require a deep and sustainable culture change, effective enforcement of anti-corruption laws and legislation that nurtures a culture of openness, transparency and accountability. Less than a quarter (22%) of the one Young World Community thinks that their government listens and responds to the needs of its citizens and young people.  Only by exposing what works and what doesn’t and by tracing the movement of wealth can development benefit future generations, the many not the few.

How can young people ensure Governments act with integrity?

Corruption stunts development: how can we eradicate it?
The role of technology to ensure accountability
Increasing transparency of public spending

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