Can technology save the planet?

  1. How can economies be developed without damaging the environment?
  2. Which new technologies will support sustainable economic growth?
  3. How do we stop climate change devastating vulnerable communities?

The effects of climate change can be felt across the globe. In 2015 One Young World Ambassadors and delegates from 196 countries urged world leaders to make a global commitment to address climate change at the Paris COP21 convention in December.

Each country is affected by changing weather patterns, extreme weather events, declining biodiversity or rising sea levels. Around half of One Young World Ambassadors say water is being depleted in their country and as a result their country suffers water shortages and energy shortages. The people most affected are the vulnerable and poor. Almost half One Young World ambassadors think their country is less socio-economically secure as a consequence of climate change.

Only about a third of One Young World Ambassadors, from both developed and developing nations, believe the environmental impact of economic growth is carefully considered, although three-quarters believe economic development in their country will contribute to climate change.

New technologies - such as clean, renewable energy - will enable economies to develop alternative solutions which are resilient and sustainable. Creating and using these technologies can create jobs and bolster an economy, whilst mitigating the negative effects of economic development on the environment.

This effort must be global and involve governments, business and each and every one of us.

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