Human Rights

Why are Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) communities still being persecuted in 2016?

  1. How can young people end the abuse and discrimination of LGBT minorities?
  2. Which tools can we use to defend the rights of LGBT groups?
  3. How should global business protect LGBT employees and community groups?

Discrimination against minority groups, particularly LGBT people, occurs in almost every society. Half the One Young World community believes gender and sexual discrimination results in violence. Too often being different means being targeted for assault, abuse and in some instances death.

Previously the One Young World community ranked LGBT as the least protected of all minority groups. While nearly 70% believes their society is becoming more accepting of gender diversity, less than half believes the rights of LGBT groups are protected in their country.

Global business has a role to play in helping to promote tolerance and the rights of this minority group. The majority of young leaders say they would not feel comfortable expressing their sexuality openly in the workplace and around two thirds of One Young World ambassadors say global business must support LGBT rights in all countries in which they operate.