Why can’t every child read?

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We, the One Young World Ambassadors, pledge to take personal responsibility for improving literacy in our communities.

Literacy rates are of international concern for One Young World Ambassadors and the Education Plenary will address ways in which young leaders can have a positive impact on education in their communities. The Summit will hear from delegates involved in education in both developed and developing parts of the world and will analyse possible solutions to the issues they encounter. The survey indicated that wasted resources was the most prominent issue facing schools and the Session will explore the ways in which technology may improve this.

Delegates will discuss the different roles businesses, charities and others play in the field of education and the benefits of education for the economy and business practices. The Summit will hear examples of various education initiatives, which will hopefully inspire new Ambassador actions in this field.

85% of One Young World Ambassadors polled are concerned about literacy in their countries

59% are extremely concerned or very concerned

83% consider poverty to hinder access to education in their country

37% of One Young World Ambassadors consider themselves to be leaders in the field of education

*statistics taken from the One Young World 2012 Plenary Consultation

Delegate Speakers

Ahmad Affandi     Indonesia
Alberto Matus      Belize
Catherine Uwimana     Rwanda
Ester Botica Alonso     Spain
Steve Mitchelmore      Canada
Sujit Lalwani      India

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