Abobakar Sediq Miakhel

Abobakar Sediq Miakhel is the co-founder of AILEM, a free language and integration app tailored for refugees and asylum seekers. The app’s goal is to allow refugees and asylum seekers to become self-empowered with self-expression, upon arrival in their new host country. Since Feb 2021, the app has supported families in Ukraine, UK and in Belgium. The organization has even been recognized in the international stage as a finalist in the MIT Youth Innovation Challenge and winning the Provost Award in the U21 RISE competition.

Since 2017, Abobakar has lived in Belgium after leaving his home country, Afghanistan, and now will be studying Physics in the United States. Outside of the app, he has been an ambassador to promote scholarships for Afghan youths in the UWC community. Additionally, he was a finalist in the Digital Games for Peace Program, organized by UNESCO MGIEP, to develop games targeting extremism and violence. Finally, Abobakar previously served as the Community Director in the 24 Hour Race Wales 2022, the leading student anti-slavery and human trafficking movement in the world.

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Co-founder of AILEM
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Abobakar Sediq Miakhel