Viktor Gurskyi

For the past 10 years Viktor coordinates the development of user-friendly IT services for cities and communities in the Ukrainian tech NGO SocialBoost. His most famous e-democracy case is Participatory Budget Platform, SaaS solution for municipalities, that makes participatory budgeting transparent for 100+ cities and communities in Ukraine, including the city of Kyiv. It now counts over one million monthly users. As a part of his duties at SocialBoost Viktor also works on DOSVIT, the platform that lets communities and small cities roll out all-in-one web portals, showcasing their investment potential and providing citizens with essential municipal apps. Victor is a co-founder of 1991 Accelerator with an impact tech startup pipeline of more than 200 entrepreneurs. Starting April 2022, Viktor has been working on establishing 1991 Ventures (London) — a pre-seed venture fund and a startup program for the founders for emerging economies, willing to expand their impact globally.

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Executive Director, SocialBoost
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Viktor Gurskyi