Building for Peace Scholarship: Supported by Holcim

Building for Peace Scholarship

About the Scholarship

Everyone has the right to a place to call home. But for the 103 million people who are forcibly displaced today, conflict, violence, persecution and climate disasters have stripped them of this basic human need. With nowhere to turn, many displaced people seek shelter, often facing substandard living conditions. They have no guarantee of safety, or protection against the cold, damp, heat, rain or wind. Many settlements are meant to be temporary, but displaced people can spend years, and even decades, living in camps.

Driven by its purpose to build progress for people and the planet, Holcim partnered with the Norman Foster Foundation to develop the Essential Homes Research Project, a model for comfortable, durable and dignified housing for people in displacement. In this partnership, the Norman Foster Foundation designed essential housing to provide safety, comfort and wellbeing for displaced communities who can live in temporary settlements for over twenty years. Holcim provides its most innovative and sustainable solutions , from ECOPact low carbon concrete to Elevate Insulation boards, to make sustainable building accessible to all.

To broaden the conversation around providing essential housing for all, Holcim is pleased to partner with One Young World to offer the Building for Peace Scholarship. This programme will enable five young leaders to participate in the upcoming One Young World Summit 2023 as part of Holcim’s global delegation. In particular this scholarship will support young leaders who are making an impact in one of the following areas:

  • Innovation for affordable and sustainable housing.
  • Supporting refugee and vulnerable communities.

Scholars will receive

  • Access to the One Young World Summit 2023 in Belfast, United Kingdom which takes place from 2 - 5 October.
  • Hotel accommodation in Belfast between 1 - 6 October.
  • Travel to and from Belfast (economy).
  • All meals covered (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on conference days).
  • Ground transport that may be required between Summit accommodation and the Summit venue.
  • Pre-programme in Belfast.

In addition, scholars will receive a unique opportunity to join the Holcim community, extend their network, and meet passionate young changemakers. Holcim will support them and guide them throughout the Summit experience and beyond.

2023 Scholars



We are absolutely delighted to announce the 2023 Scholarship cohort for the Building for Peace Scholarship, supported by Holcim.

These 5 scholars are all doing tremendous work to either create sustainable housing options, or to support refugee and vulnerable communities. 

The Scholars will be invited to take part in the One Young World Summit 2023 in Belfast, United Kingdom, and will join both the One Young World and Holcim communities.


Image of Daniela Marramiero

Daniela Marramiero

President of Energy for Refugees

Energy for Refugees is a Dutch NGO mainly composed by TU Delft students that aim to apply their technical knowledge to improve the living conditions of refugees worldwide by granting them access to secure, green energy. Every year a project is chosen to provide for free an energy system, usually mainly based on photovoltaic panels, to another reality supporting refugees. All the aspects of the project are carried out by the components of the team, including the installation. 

Last year I was team leader and this year president of the organization. What I love the most about this NGO is that it is based on the idea that refugees are people who only require the right means to be an active part of society. Moreover, it allows more fortunate people to play their role in building a more fair and considerate society.


Eleonora Gutiérrez

Co-founder of MERAKI Sifontes & Gutiérrez

My name is Eleonora Gutiérrez, I am 29 years old and I am from El Salvador. I characterize myself as a very optimistic, cheerful, and determined woman. I am an architect by profession and during my career I have focused on the field of sustainable architecture, working together with multidisciplinary teams in the development of construction projects seeking certifications under sustainability international standards. 

In 2021 I got a full scholarship to study my master's degree in Sustainable Buildings in Spain. Specializing my knowledge and driving me to establish my own sustainable architecture and engineering consultancy company, of which I am a co-founder; MERAKI Sifontes & Gutiérrez.

My aspirations are to contribute to innovation in the design of sustainable and affordable homes for my country.  I am purposely committed to the social benefit of the Salvadorean community and to the responsible management of the environmental resources.


Image of Eleonora Gutierrez
Image of Karim Irani

Karim Irani

Shelter & Settlements Officer at Norwegian Refugee Council

My Name is Karim Irani, I am a Lebanese Architect, actually holding a position related to Shelter and Settlements at the Norwegian Refugee Council. Since my recent specialization in architecture for Humanity in Bologna, I have gained valuable experience to lead on rehabilitation projects in multiple neighborhoods using various implementation methodologies. My involvement extends to both emergency response units and post-emergency developmental initiatives. I am also actually part of a design & self-construction team for a stage/meeting space project in Sardinia.

I aspire to make a wider impact through architecture across the globe, as my passion lies in designing and providing shelters and “homes” for people in need.

My proudest achievement was using my energy, background, and skills to make an impact in my homeland, after the tragic Beirut port explosion on August 4th. As a head team leader with a local organization “Offre Joie”, I focused on rebuilding efforts to alleviate the impact on victims.


Kaushal Shetty

Co-founder and CEO of Nostos Homes

Kaushal Shetty, Co-Founder and CEO of Nostos Homes, a non-profit organization, addresses the dire situation faced by 86.5 million forcibly displaced people worldwide each year. He founded Nostos Homes, known for sustainable emergency shelters, providing privacy, dignity, and safety during crises. These scalable, data-driven, low-cost shelters offer a rapid deployment solution for disaster-affected areas. The initiatives at Nostos Homes have garnered recognition from Forbes, The World Bank, Mastercard, and The Diana Award.

Nostos Homes have facilitated over 481,000 nights of shelter in India and Africa. Currently, Nostos is Collaborating with Habitat for Humanity, assisting vulnerable families in Malawi, Africa, affected by Cyclone Gombe, offering hope for a better future. With every $1 invested in Nostos, the Social Return on Impact framework estimates $15 of positive impact. Continued partnerships and ambitious expansion plans aim to provide over a million people nights to displaced communities globally.


image of Kaushal Shetty
Image of Noor

Noor Azizah

Member of the UNHCR Annual Tripartite Consultation on Resettlement (ATCR) Refugee Advisory Group

Noor Azizah, a former Rohingya refugee, found refuge in Sydney in 2003 after escaping genocide and enduring homelessness and statelessness during her early years. Now, she dedicates herself to advocating for the voices of Rohingya women who suffer from systemic rape and torture.

Having pursued education diligently, Noor Azizah earned a Bachelor of Education (TESOL) and a Master of Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Sydney. Her passion and dedication have earned her recognition as one of the 2022 Young Women to Watch in International Affairs. Currently, she serves as a refugee advisor for UNHCR, utilizing her platform to share her story, make interventions, and advocate for her community.

Engaged in various roles, including the Gender Audit Team, U.S. Consulate General’s Sydney Youth Advisory Council, and multiple Refugee Advisory Groups, Noor Azizah tirelessly supports her community. She works as a Rohingya Consultant and an English as a second dialect specialist teacher, providing assistance to newly arrived refugees and migrants.

Presently, Noor Azizah is involved in four projects aimed at building accessible resettlement pathways, conducting participatory action research workshops, delivering training on meaningful refugee participation, and preserving Rohingya experiences through an Oral History Archive Project. Her tireless efforts seek to raise awareness of the Rohingya genocide and advocate for the victims of conflict-related violence.