SDGs Impact Summit | Join over 500 changemakers | 15 &16 November


Participation and attendance at the by-invitation only SDGs Impact Summit convening over 500 global delegates across business, celebrity, polity, academia, NGOs, activists and changemakers.

About the SDG Impact Summit:

With only 10 year’s left to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), global impact enterprise The World We Want (WWW) and Times of India Group is launching the inaugural edition of the SDGs Impact Summit, on the 15th and 16th of November at Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi. The SDGs Impact Summit is a high-level international forum spearheaded by the Global South. The first edition of the Summit will convene over 500 international changemakers from multiple sectors across business, celebrity, polity, academia, NGOs, activists and changemakers to address complex world issues and explore solutions, with a special focus on unlocking the innumerable potential of a collaboration between the Global North and South in accelerating action on the SDGs. Whilst the Global North holds one-quarter of the world’s population and controls four-fifths of the world’s income, the Global South inversely bears three-quarters of the world’s population and has access to only one-fifth of the world’s income. The SDGs Impact Summit has been specifically conceptualised to bridge this economic and resource divide, by unlocking borders, unleashing innovation and localising solutions to address complex world issues and explore solutions to achieve the SDGs by 2030. 

About the SDG Impact Summit Sessions (SDGs Hackathon, breakout panel discussions, plenary sessions, networking reception) 

Audiences within and beyond the Global South will be encouraged to mobilise action to address some of the pressing issues of the decade including climate change, inequality, poverty, hunger, gender equality, education and government accountability, broadly segmented into four thematic areas for panel themes– People, Prosperity, Planet and Partnerships. The panels and breakout sessions will feature some of the world’s most influential changemakers as you take part in key discussions pertained to accelerating the progress of the SDGs.

There will also be a SDGs Marketplace in which there is the potential to showcase your work, products, initiatives and messaging to a network of hundreds of global delegates free of charge. Networking between a global congregation of changemakers is also a great opportunity on offer at this invitation-only event.

The Summit will also include a Hackathon session in search of the next generation of disruptors and supporting incubator programmes. The kickstart incubation and mentoring programme will be spearheaded by partners who are keen to scale up the efforts of next-generation change-makers. The World We Want are looking for changemakers to attend from all over the world. The people who attend this summit need to be people who have an interest in changing the world, hence the invite-only status. The World We Want believe the entire One Young World community falls into this bracket and would, therefore, like to extend the invitation to Ambassadors from every corner of the globe.


For those who are interested, The World We Want would need to receive a short bio on your work. They would need to hear exactly what you would bring to the Summit in the way of discussion in a breakout session/ stall in the marketplace. The higher profile changemakers should state what work they have completed in this area.

Dates & Location:

15th – 16th November, Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi

Funding & costs 

Expenses will either be partially covered via a discount or fully covered by event partners. This is on a case to case basis and would hinge on the individual profile of the changemaker in question. This is why it is important to receive a biography of each person, as this will help partners decipher the expenses arrangement.

If you are interested in participating in the SDG Impact Summit, please contact Natasha at [email protected]