Sino-German Essay Competition Winners 2021

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The Sino-German Initiative engages business, academic and other leaders of society to shape the Sino-German agenda through economic, technological and cultural exchange. SGI works to create constant dialogue between Germany and China to promote trade, spur research & development, and tackle global issues with an open-minded and multilateral approach, providing for more stability and understanding, particularly, in times of crisis. 

Sino-German partnerships both in the public and private sector have wide ranging implications for the future of trade, tech, climate and the world order at large. Given this reality, it is critical young people’s perspectives are highlighted and given a platform on the matter.

The Winners

After careful selection by our expert judging panel, The Sino-German Initiative and one Young World are proud to announce the essay competition winners. These young leaders are sharing their vision for the collaboration between China and Germany towards a greener future.


Laura Callies

Laura is a master's student at Copenhagen Business School studying for 'M.Sc Business and Development Studies', where she is focusing on the utilization of the private sector for economic development in developing countries and emerging markets. She has a particular interest in China's economic development, international investments, industrial and environmental policy. Her research interests lie especially in China's emerging EV industry as well as China's engagement in Africa and its role as a development agent. Furthermore, Laura is the founder and president of the Copenhagen chapter of Global China Connection, an internationally active student organization dedicated to connecting and empowering young leaders who share an interest in China


Laura wins with her essay on how further Sino-German collaboration could lead to a cap or substantial decrease in carbon emissions.

Portrait of Laura

Zheng (David) Xu

David Xu is a third-year undergraduate student at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) studying International Relations. He will continue his studies at LSE majoring in Media and Communication Governance this coming September. Prior to LSE, David studied at St. Michaels University School in Victoria B.C. Canada. His inspiration for pursuing higher education and a career in International Relations is the result of his diverse experience both residing in China and Western countries. David believes that his diverse experience will allow him to bridge the difference between Chinese and western societies. He wishes to enhance Western societies’ understanding of China and in turn, to promote a more comprehensive international corporations in areas like the environmental protection and international development.

David wins with his essay on how further Sino-German cooperation could facilitate the pursuit of ambitious Climate Policies.

Portrait of David