Social Media at One Young World 2013

Thank you for supporting One Young World 2013!

Whether you are attending the Summit or tuning in from afar, One Young World will be keeping you up to date and informed via social media. We want to ensure that One Young World really is an international platform for young people’s views and so are very grateful for all the support we receive on social media, which helps to spread our delegates’ messages.


We will be providing updates constantly throughout the Summit via Facebook using the hashtag #OYW. Our Facebook statuses will be posted as follows:

  • At the start of the day we will be posting a list of highlights and the time the audience should tune into the live-stream. This status will be pinned to the top of our wall every day.
  • A key quote from each Session with an accompanying photo as each Session ends.
  • A round up of the day’s events at the end of the day with a link to any Youtube videos.

We will also post a photo album of 60-70 of the day’s best photos and encourage delegates to tag themselves.


We will be providing constant and exclusive updates from our twitter account @OneYoungWorld and using the hashtag #OYW.

The hastags for each Plenary Session are:

Education - #Education
Youth Unemployment - #Jobs
Global Business - #Business
Sustainable Development - #SusDev
Leadership & Government - #Leadership
Human Rights - #Equality

The following hashtags will be used around the Special Sessions:


We will be using twitter handles to acknowledge:

  • Counsellors
  • Delegate Speakers
  • Delegates speaking from the floor and participating in Sessions

NB: we will not be acknowledging corporate partners in tweets from the One Young World account.

We will retweet relevant content, which uses the hashtag #OYW including tweets from corporate partners or which mention corporate partners.

We will be embedding the live-stream of the Summit via Twitter and reminding followers to tune in to key sessions.


Each evening, videos of each of the Sessions will be uploaded onto Youtube, including individual videos of each Delegate Speech and their introductions from the Counsellors. We will also add each day’s highlights to a Youtube playlist to make it easier to find daily uploads.


The One Young World Instagram account will also be hosting exclusive photos from the Summit using the tags #OYW and #instaOYW.


The photos from each day will be uploaded onto the One Young World Flickr gallery each evening. These will be very large albums with hundreds of photos – the best of which will be put on Facebook.


The army of delegate bloggers will be posting blogs onto the One Young World blog and these will also be featured on the Huffington Post. Our Huffington Post page will host exclusive content and photos as well as the latest blogs from Ambassadors, delegates and Counsellors.


Embedding the One Young World Live Stream

How It Will Work

One Young World will be live streaming the Johannesburg summit globally via our Website on 2-5 October. Anyone with an Internet connection can watch the live stream, on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

In order to reach as many people as possible around the world, we have created an embed code so that anyone with a website, blog or social media account can carry the stream to their own network.

Here’s how it’s done…

Embedding the One Young World Live Stream into your website

In advance of the Summit 2-5 October:

1. Copy the One Young World Live Stream embed code, below in its entirety:

<iframe src="" width="640" height="360" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

2. Using your website’s Content Management System (CMS), insert the One Young World Live Stream into your chosen page.

3. A player will be generated on your page that will go live once the stream commences. Before 2 October a holding page will be visible.

4. Let your network know that they can watch the live stream via your website on the 2nd October.

Posting the Live Stream onto your Social Media Platforms

For Facebook:
1. Copy the link:
2. Design your post for the respective social media platform and insert the link
3. A preview window should pop up with the title and image pertaining to the live stream
4. Your followers should be able to click the preview window to play the live stream

Further Information

The live event should begin around 20 minutes before the start of each days broadcast with an announcement slate. After the end of the event, there should be another short announcement slate indicating the end of the broadcast. At this point, you can remove the HTML embed code.

Or contact the One Young World social media team on: [email protected]